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A New Low? Vikram Chatwal Gets Kicked Out Of His Own Hotel

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May 1, 2013 at 8:47 AM | by | ()

The downstairs restaurant at Dream Downtown hasn't exactly had an easy run. First, it opened as the "theatrical dining" concept Romera, by neurologist-turned-chef Miguel Sanchez Romera. The NY Times panned it. Then, earlier this year, a BondSt sushi spin-off opened in the form of Japanese-French fusion joint Cherry.

And now, the NY Post reports that, after an "altercation" inside Cherry, hotelier Vikram Chatwal was thrown out of his own hotel. Yikes.

The Post reports:

"Eyewitnesses tell us Chatwal got into a verbal spat with several “banker-looking types” near a bathroom after Vikram got mad at the men for making too much noise. The bickering then carried over upstairs after the men took their seats at their respective tables"

But that wasn't the end of it. Apparently, Vikram's dad, hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal, who was sitting one table away, had to get up and calm his son down. Which had little to no effect, as VIkram was apparently hell-bent on getting the "banker-type" offenders kicked out.

But the only person he succeeded in kicking out was himself:

"Restaurant management and security tried to calm him, but after 10 minutes, the agitated Vikram was escorted out of the restaurant by security."

Apparently, daddy Chatwal stuck around after his son's forced departure and "extended apologies to the parties involved."

We can't imagine getting escorted out of our own hotel. That's kind of a new low, right? Or maybe it's just par for the course for a guy caught trafficking drugs through the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, and who frequently likes to party with the baddest bad girl in the biz, Lindsay Lohan.

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