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Are These Wacky Hotel Events for Publicity or Profit?

Where: Various Locations, United States
April 11, 2013 at 9:46 AM | by | ()

Time for a little bit of Thursday fun as we check in on some unique events taking place at hotels around the world. We're used to seeing properties offer special events including concerts, conferences, and cocktails, but now and then we come across happenings that truly capture our attention.

Today, we've rounded up some gladiators, Scottish marksmen, and dogs without a home. Our gut tells us the dogs will fly off the shelves, but the three-day hunting spree? We're a wee bit skeptical.

Sometimes hotels create events and offers purely for publicity rather than profit, and we're curious to see how much interest these events gather.

Have no idea what we're on about? Read on for details!

Caledonian Macnab, The Caledonian: This classic Edinburgh hotel is offering a package that allows "competitors," aka you, to take part in a Scottish sporting contest they call the Caledonian Macnab. There are three stages to the contest that takes place over the course of three days amidst Scottish landscape. Participants are challenged to catch a salmon (day 1), shoot a brace of grouse (day 2), and "stalk a red" deer (day 3). Fishing, shooting, and stalking sounds like a mancation if we've ever heard one, but is the Caley really a bachelor party type of crash pad? We think not!

Gladiator Assault Challenge, Grand Geneva Resort & Spa: For the second year, "gladiators" will descend upon the Grand Geneva in Wisconsin on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14, and run, crawl, and climb through mud pits, cargo nets, and barbed wire in route to the finish line. Last year the event drew over 1,700 competitors, and you, too can compete, so go here to sign up). We're guessing most of you would prefer to watch rather than take part. So, both challengers and fans are offered a special starting rate of $125 a night during the weekend, and check out the “Gladiator Party Central" after the race for music, food, and brews. Quite the interesting spring weekend getaway for those in the Milwaukee/Madison area, but will the popularity of the television show translate into profits for the hotel? We wonder how many of those 1,700 people stayed at the Geneva last year.

Best in Show, Orleans Las Vegas: Anyone who follows this site knows our staff has a difference of opinion when it comes to doggy trends as they relate to hotels, but even our most cold-hearted contributor couldn't say no to this one. Fifty canine "contestants" from The Animal Foundation, Nevada’s largest animal shelter and pet adoption center, will compete for a permanent home in an American Kennel Club-style dog show on April 28th. Shelter dogs from several categories (small, medium, large, variety pack, puppy parade and special needs) will show off their stuff, and the pup with the most crowd applause will be crowned winner. Even though there is only one winner in terms of the contest, audience members are invited to bid on and adopt any of the dogs in the show, giving all of them a shot at the ultimate prize of a permanent home. The tears will flow, for sure, but would you really travel to Vegas to adopt a dog?

[Photo: Grand Geneva Resort and Spa]

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