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Miley Cyrus Joins "Suspicious-Looking Cigarette" Smoking Crowd

April 9, 2013 at 2:18 PM | by | ()

Somfh. Yup, we are dropping expletives, cuz we're crazy perplexed at this new breed of twentysomethin' Hollywood Brat Packers. They all seem hella intent in being filmed with “suspicious looking cigarettes” in hand. And again, we don't judge their downtime habits, we just get tired of the damage control they feel they need to go through, when they could just say "screw it, this is what I do." Certainly worked for Willie Nelson, Snoop, Woody Harrelson and plenty of other up-front chronic smokers.

Anyhoo, our latest offender/denier would be Blondie-in-training Miley Cyrus, who decided the perfect place to light up a spliff-like cigar, would be the balcony of her Miami hotel.

Now, do celebs smoke outside because they fear a hotel's $200 in-room smoking fee? BTW, that's us being smartasses.

See, they light up these big ‘ole "cigarettes", knowing the papps are watching, then have pictures like these show up...

Check what was shown in this Huffington Post story. After we giggled at the side-by-side Snoop Lion pic, we rolled our eyes that Cyrus thought donning at hat and shades would do the trick while she continued to smoke! Now, our gal says she doesn't have an Instagram account and HuffPo put up some eye-rolling "Update", but we all know what's what here, peeps.

Now, the Miami hotel question isn't identified and we're not going to dig that much. We only wonder in a health-obsessed city like Miami, is there one hotel that allows smoking? This can’t be good for business. Or, it might actually work in this hotel's favor and the Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lawrence's of the world will be checking in to this bud-friendly boudoir in the future!

[Photo: Posh24.com]

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The Setai

I just checked out her Twitpics (scary) and she had a bunch of photos recently in what looked to be a hotel. Im going to guess The Setai. Anyone else have a suggestion as to what hotel this happened in? On the bright side, at least she took it outside. I hate it when people smoke in their room and it wafts into the hallway.

W South Beach

A Miami hotel insider confirms W South Beach. Says she recognized the hotel room blinds.

Nice work!

There's definitely No smoking allowed in the W rooms. Tsk, tsk, Miley!