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Inside The Legoland Hotel, Brick By Brick

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So we made it easy for you to guess the hotel last week. Maybe it was the Lego parrot high up in the corner of the guestroom or maybe it was the hint about the place being next to the theme park. Yet for those of you who are still stumped, we spent a night inside the Adventure room of the just-opened Legoland Hotel, adjacent to the Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, Calif.

If your kids love Legos, they will love this place because there are Legos EVERYWHERE starting with the Lego pit in the hotel's lobby.

While the hotel itself is not constructed out of Legos (would't that be cool?), the hotel doesn't miss an opportunity to display their Lego works of art. Each guestroom features eight Lego sculptures, there's a giant dragon above the hotel entrance guarded by giant Lego characters and another dragon sculpture right when you walk in. The wall behind the check-in desk features hundreds and hundreds of Lego minis, along with a Lego character riding a bicycle (this piece actually moves back and forth and was our fave Lego display of them all.)

In both restaurants, the Skyline Cafe and the Bricks buffet restaurant, there are many cooking-themed Lego sculptures (like a chef working a pasta machine) and out back, there's an interactive dragon sculpture that squirts water and "talks" to its admirers, even commenting on their outfits. (We assume someone is watching on a camera somewhere.) In short, there are Lego sculptures pretty much everywhere you look.

But aside from being a Lego heaven for kids, the hotel is actually built for the kids.

Everything has been designed from a kid's perspective which is why there's a special buffet counter at Bricks that is kiddie-height and why the public bathrooms feature kid-height sinks.

There are bunk beds and TVs in the kid's section of the guestrooms as well as kid-height peepholes on the doors. In the bathrooms, there's a stool for kids to stand on so they can wash their hands and brush their teeth. There's also a kiddie potty lid built into the toilet so you won't have to hold them up every time they go, which (and we can't believe we're saying this) was a really nice touch.

Rounding out the Lego amenities are the Lego head ice bucket, Lego character wallpaper, Lego shower curtains and an in-room scavenger hunt which results in "winning" a Lego mini, stashed in the treasure chest. (Ours was guarded by an adorable Lego monkey.) And as if they didn't get enough chances to play with Legos downstairs, there's a box of Legos they can play with in the room.

Traveling with kids ain't easy and most of the time it doesn't even feel like you're on vacation. But staying at the Legoland Hotel, it's practically a dream. It's kind of like spending the night at your favorite kid-friendly restaurant. No one is going to throw you a dirty look when your kid throws a tantrum because their kid is probably doing the same thing.

The Good
· Access to the Park: The hotel is literally next to Legoland so you won't have to walk far to get in. Also, hotel guests can access the park one hour before it opens and get on some rides before everyone else.
· The Kid-Friendliness : Finally, a place where you won't have to die of embarrassment when your kid spills something on the rug.
· The Pool: As if the Legoland park wasn't enough to wear your kids out, there's also a pool to play in.
· An Adult Oasis: The Skyline Lounge is a place for mom and dad to get away (but not too far away of course) to have a little "me" time. Most importantly, there's a bar there.
· The Lobby Playground: There's a giant pirate ship in the back of the hotel where nightly entertainment is held for kids, but it's also where they can run out some excess energy and play with Legos. (Again.)

The Not So Good
· The Disco Elevator: It's a first for a Legoland Hotel--an elevator decked out wall to wall with Lego characters depicted as a disco (the princess was holding a microphone instead of a magic wand) that plays disco music (YMCA and Dancing Queen) but it was a little scary for our two-year-old. We're sure 8-year-olds will love it. But we didn't at 7am before we had our morning coffee.
· Lack of Kiddie Bath Toiletries: Even though the hotel pretty much hit the target on kid-friendly amenities and services everywhere else, one place they dropped the brick, er, ball, was with the bath toiletries. The Bath & Body toiletries included two small bars of soap, a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner and body lotion. No bubble bath whatsoever! And the soap got in our kid's eyes. Of course.

What to Know Before You Go
· There is a $22 resort fee (plus tax) that includes WiFi for multiple devices, parking, two bottles of water and two Honest Kids juice packs a day.
· Pack 'n Plays are first-come, first-serve so you may want to bring your own. Otherwise, you can use the trundle under the lower bunk if you have a toddler because it's low to the ground.
· You can request your theme room before you come. The first floor is Kingdom, the second floor is Pirate, the third floor is Adventure. Every room can comfortable sleep a family of five, but some rooms have queen beds versus king beds for the adults.
· There is nightly entertainment for kids and a lounge where adults can sit and watch them, but sip on some alcohol as well. However, babysitting services are provided by an outside service.

Bottom Line: Rates at the hotel for the first week of May are now up to $259 and a night and will increase to over $300 in the middle of the summer. As for what the kids think of the place, we asked our little guest what her favorite part of the hotel was and she enthusiastically said, "The Lego pit!" So there you go.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we'll have tons more photos for you to look at!

Disclosure: We were guests of the Legoland Hotel but all opinions are our own.

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