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10 Ways To Use A Hotel Without Ever Checking In

April 30, 2013 at 1:32 PM | by | ()

We should preface this by saying: we don't consider ourselves mooches. Far from it. We're loyal, paying, upstanding hotel guests. However, in all our years of hotel sleuthing, we've picked up a few tricks on ways to use a hotel without ever actually staying there as a guest. You'll be amazed at all the things you can get done (or not) without ever setting foot in a room.

So, without further ado, here's why you should go to a hotel the next time you have to…

Use a printer: Whether you have some urgent Facebooking to do, or simply need to print out a boarding pass, many hotels have business centers that you can use for a small fee—or, if they're nice, for free.

Take a nap: We've already outed ourselves as strong proponents of the lobby nap. Just make sure not to get yourself arrested.

Freshen up: Three reasons you're better off sneaking into a hotel bathroom rather than the nearest Starbucks? One, they're cleaner. Two, there's usually music playing. And three, they're cleaner.

Hydrate/caffeinate: Whether you're sipping on Ritz-Carlton's fancy water, or braving a cup of elephant-digested coffee, there's always some refreshing beverage to be had in hotels.

Get drunk: Of course, another option is to head straight to the hotel bar. And while you're there, why not chat up the bartender?

Ask for directions: It's what hotel concierges (digital ones too!) are there for.

Be serenaded: We don't expect to find free live music in every hotel. But when we do stumble upon a harpist in the lobby, say, or a jazz trio tucked in a corner of the hotel bar, it sure makes us want to stick around a while longer.

Shop: From bikini shops to hipster barbershops to obscure plant-theme art book pop-ups, you can do all your souvenir shopping in hotels, too.

Go swimming: Guests usually have priority to the hotel pool (rightfully so), but once in a while, you'll find a hotel with a semi-public pool worth lining up for.

Frolic in the garden: DoubleTree Los Angeles (formerly the Kyoto Grand) has one of our favorite hotel gardens. What's yours?

[Photos: ASchechter for HotelChatter; Ritz-Carlton water photo by juliana]

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I really like these photos

And i want one of those bracelets! is that in LA?

Dream Downtown!

I found them in their lobby shop, Safira.

Co-sign on the bathrooms

I have to admit to ducking into a hotel bathroom if I know there's one in the lobby.  I still feel embarrassed tho and try to go out a different way than I came in!