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Which Denver Hotel Was Getting High This Weekend?

Where: 1776 Grant St [map], Denver , CO, United States, 80203
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Denver, CO, is a fantastic little city, known for its historic hotels, proximity to the Rockies, and several world-class museums. Unfortunately, visitors had a hard time seeing any of those things when a giant cloud of marijuana smoke engulfed the entire city for three days straight this weekend.

Living up to its nickname as the "mile high city," 80,000 folks turned up in Denver to celebrate 4/20, unofficially known as national pot-smoking day. Though it's been a long-standing tradition, this year's festivities were particularly high-spirited, after Colorado's recent legalization of the drug.

Many globetrotting stoners planned their visit through My 420 Tours, a first-of-its-kind marijuana-themed tour operator that organized pot-themed activities, visits to dispensaries, and weed-growing workshops for its 200 participants. And it goes without saying that plenty of hotels got a piece of the pipe-puffing actions as well.

According to the My 420 Tours website:

"World Cannabis Week has an exclusive room block at one of Denver’s premier downtown  hotels. This is a 4 star hotel and is the only downtown Denver hotel to have balcony rooms where you will be able to use cannabis freely."

We were curious to find out just who this "premier downtown hotel" might be, and after a little digging, came across this Mercury News article which names the Warwick Hotel as the bona fide "headquarters" of My 420 Tour.

We even checked with the hotel, who confirmed that indeed, this was where where cannabis club members registered for their smoke-filled weekend. In fact, as of last night, several merrymakers were still checked in at the hotel.

The 219-room Warwick recently completed a $25 million renovation, and offers modern amenities, a fitness center, and a fine dining restaurant known as Randolph's. While the hotel does indeed feature balconies overlooking Downtown Denver, the website says it is a 100% smoke-free hotel, so we're not sure if this is where any actual toking took place. However, we can think of a few people (wink wink, Miley Cirus) who would have been happy to take advantage of such an offer.

As of now, out-of-towners still can't legally buy weed in Colorado—they'll have to wait until January, when a new law will be passed allowing visitors to purchase up to 1/8oz. Until then, with its smattering of weed-friendly hotels and groundbreaking tourism company curating weed-themed itineraries and events, stoners of all ages and stripes will be making pilgrimages to Denver by the busload.

And once the smoke clears from this weekend's festivities, hopefully they'll actually be able to see the place too.

Rates at the Warwick Hotel from $199/night.

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