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5 Reasons To Make A Playdate At Pod 39's New 'Play Room'

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  Site Where: 145 East 39th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10016
March 8, 2013 at 9:18 AM | by | ()

Here's a first look at the new lobby bar and lounge area inside Pod 39. The venue is called Play Room and it's a huuuge space with a fireplace, two ping pong tables, color-coded bookshelves, a video projector, stained glass windows, and a 25-foot butcher block bar. Pretty much everything we look for in a hotel lobby hangout area.

Though the hotel debuted its rooftop bar back in September, it's taken this long for the street-level space to come together (sounds like they've got their priorities straight over at Pod!). But we think it was worth the wait. Pod Hotels put serious emphasis on socializing, so it makes sense that their public space would be so big and captivating—in many ways, more so than the first Pod hotel.

Here are our five favorite things about the new space:

1. PING PONG! There are two ping pong tables here, each located in separate rooms off the main space. The wall-mounted HD TVs and colorful vintage poster collages are a nice touch, too.

2. Two communal tables situated across from the bar offer a chance to make new friends while you're knocking back a michelada. Or looking for someone to buy you one. The atmosphere is pretty laid-back here (in case you couldn't tell already), and the range of seating options help keep the place homey and inviting.

3. The bar itself. Similar to upstairs, the menu offers beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and lotsa Tequila.

4. Two bookcases sit on either side of the Mexian-tiled fireplace. The books are arranged, adorably, by color, so it's less about the literature about more about the look. But we've been seeing different variations on the hotel library trend, and this is one of our favorites so far.

5. Playful touches, like this neon green mushroom-shaped table lamp, are ubiquitous here. Guess there's a reason they called it the PLAY Room in the first place.

[Photos: HotelChatter]

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