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Marriott Is Bringing Some Moxy to the Brand

March 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM | by | ()

We’ve often made jokes about IKEA-type furnishings in hotel rooms, and we even talked last summer about the upcoming IKEA hotel, and now the word is out--Marriott is indeed joining with the Swedish furnishings company to create Moxy Hotels. This will be be the company’s European, three-star budget brand, with the first hotel scheduled to debut in Milan in early 2014. And we suppose if any place needs a budget hotel, it would be Milan, no?

Thinking of the young, budget traveler, Marriott turned to Inter Hospitality Holding, IKEA’s real estate division and expressed interest in working together to create rooms that will cost around €60 ($78) per night. But here's the thing, like we said before--IKEA furniture won't be used in the rooms. Huh. So then, why the partnership?

The plan is to have Inter Hospitality develop a construction model to lower costs as that's their specialty (hence IKEA). That means many rooms will be prefabricated offsite and assembled like IKEA furniture. This is a new method for Marriott for sure, and it's the model they are going for, not necessarily the furniture.

Each hotel, which is promised to be cheap, but chic, will be comprised of 150-300 rooms with large flat screen televisions, built-in USB ports located within each wall socket, and free WiFi. A good portion will be focused on self-service, starting with the option of checking-in to the hotel using your mobile device. We'll be discussing more on that trend soon.

Moxy hotels will be Marriott franchised, but Inter Hospitality owned (don't worry, you'll still get Marriott Reward points), and the plan is to have at least 150 of the hotels within the next decade throughout Europe. They've set their sights on Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

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The rooms look nice enough, and Milan does need a stylish affordable hotel, but the name "Moxy" and the pink logo is rubbing me the wrong way. And I believe I'm the demographic they're marketing most directly to.

hmm indeed

I'm with JetSetCD on this one... where are you staying? Oh, I'm at the Moxy. Uhm, seriously?

They should have spelled it "Moxie"

I kinda like it...and I like the bordello pink. I've never been to Milan so I don't know if it fits there, though.