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Embassy Suites Founder Launches New Brand

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March 27, 2013 at 10:15 AM | by | ()

If the past is any indication of what Robert Woolley is capable of, we have no doubt his latest endeavor, Woolley's Classic Suites, will find success as a new brand in the hotel industry.

It just doesn't seem like it will be with the leisure market, unfortunately.

Woolley,who invented the all-suite hotel concept in 1969 and sold what is now the Embassy Suites brand to Holiday Inn in 1984, recently broke ground on a four story, 191-room flagship property just outside of Denver in Aurora, Colorado. Although the website claims the hotel will aim to cater to both the business and leisure markets, all signs point to this property becoming more or less an airport hotel.

Scheduled to open in the spring of 2014, the location of this project has nothing to offer vacationers. The hotel is being built in an office park that houses the likes of Boeing, Best Buy, Nabisco, and Reebok, and while the marketing campaign claims it's "minutes" from downtown Denver, those familiar with Aurora have eyebrows raised. In reality, Aurora is closer to the middle of nowhere than it is to the city. Woolley's Classic Suites will be located at the beginning of Pena Blvd., the nine-mile long "driveway" to Denver International Airport.

So, why here and now?

We're sure the hotel will be well-run and well-maintained given Woolley's track record, but we're having trouble thinking of a reason, beyond proximity to the airport, why anyone on vacation would make their home at Woolley's when there are so many great options in downtown Denver (the Hotel Teatro and the Oxford Hotel, to name two).

We'll wait and see if the rates make us change our mind when they start taking reservations in the summer or fall.

By the way, does anyone else feel like the name needs work?

[Photo: woolleysclassicsuites.com]

Archived Comments:

Business Travel Maybe?

Um, hello...your article states the hotel is in the same business park as Boeing, Best Buy, Nabisco, and Reebok (among others, I'm sure)...and it's near the airport. Clearly this will be a business oriented hotel and they will probably make a killer off of the corporate offices nearby. Not every hotel is built to attract leisure travelers on vacation.

Re: Business Travel Maybe

I completely agree with you, KerryBoat. The first two paragraphs of the article explain that Woolley's will find success - just not with the leisure market.