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Monaco Philly's Rooftop Is Too Hot For Its Own Good

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  Site Where: 433 Chestnut Street [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19106
March 25, 2013 at 6:14 PM | by | ()

Though it's only been open several months, Hotel Monaco Philly is already the hottest ticket in town, as far as rooftops are concerned. The hotel's 11th floor Stratus has become legendary for its outdoor patio, indoor bar, two private lounge areas, and outdoor fireplace*.

Most days of the week, it's possible to head up to Stratus, enjoy a few cocktails and be on your merry way. But the lines to get in on Friday and Saturday can get pretty long, and once you enter the bar, it can be difficult just finding a seat.

As a result, Monaco will soon start issuing membership cards just to access the bar. We heard from an employee that a designated number of seats will be set aside each night for card-holders. Of course, hotel guests get priority automatically, but when it comes to random people walking in off the street, Stratus members will definitely have the upper hand.

Stratus has a spacious indoor bar with nifty design details like giant feathers etched into the cement floor and a giant pair of metal sculpted wings on the patio. The bar's two private pavilions, Vapor and Mist can be booked for private events, but are frequently open to regular guests. Though it's up to you which one you want to hang out in—Vapor is serene and all-white, while the moodier Mist has plenty of black, and a mirrored ceiling.

Keep an eye out for the membership cards if you plan on continuing to visit Stratus—without one, you might end up stuck on the ground floor.

*Oh, and speaking of "hot," we also learned that the outdoor fireplace malfunctioned during opening month, causing the surrounding area to catch fire. Luckily no one was injured, but the fireplace has been MIA since then, until repairs can be made.

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