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A Room on the Gran Via for Under 115 Euro: Inside Madrid's Hotel de Las Letras

Where: Gran Via 11, Madrid, Spain
March 7, 2013 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

Finally we conclude our several-week-long dilemma of where to stay in Madrid for just one night, for a first timer to the city. After settling on the Hotel de Las Letras based on your strong recommendations, we checked in (right behind another couple who had also been on our same flight from Istanbul!) and hunkered down.

We booked the lowest room category for 112 Euros, but adding 20-30 more would've bumped us up to a category with an ornate balcony overlooking the Gran Via. As it was February with near freezing temperatures, this would have been a waste. One night's stay, when we expected to spend much of the time out at museums and restaurants, doesn't call for much.

Here were our three conditions, compared to what we actually got:

· Our request: "A nightly rate of 200 Euros or less is ideal, but we could be flexible if WiFi & breakfast is included."
· Result: A nightly rate of 112 Euros, including free WiFi, but no breakfast.

· Our request: "We don't care about getting points, so independent properties are very welcome"
· Result: It's a member of the Preferred Hotel Group, but we've never collected points with them and didn't seek any

· Our request: "Bonus for ease of getting to/from airport, though no airport hotels, please."
· Result: Not an airport hotel, and very easy to reach from the airport via Madrid's excellent subway. Sure, it took two transfers, but they were fast and smooth. The hotel is only a two block walk from the Gran Via stop.

The room itself wasn't anything spectacular, but it was very clean, comfortable and modern. The bathroom was stocked with H2O toiletries and even a nice design touch of a Tolix Marais stool. The TV was on the small side and the bed low, but nothing to cause any complaint. As we were traveling with a friend, the massive walk-in closet with window was excellent for use as a changing room.

Bottom Line: Totally impressed! The Hotel de Las Letras was not only far more affordable than we expected for such a clean, contemporary hotel so centrally located, but the staff was excellent with us (even after we left our passports in the hotel room safe after check out), and they happily held our bags for 10 hours, as our flight was super late at night. And, for the first time in my trip, I could stay in the room and work because the WiFi signal was strong enough to do so.

[Photos: Hotel de Las Letras & Cynthia Drescher/HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

Stayed there in 2007

It was like you said, clean and comfortable, and within walking distance of most of the great museums.  Definitely would stay there again, especially at that price!