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The Archer Will Be Full of Mystery and Surprise

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February 8, 2013 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

A new boutique hotel is on the horizon in midtown Manhattan, and it's promising "21 stories, 180 unique lofts and a surprise around every corner." Which could really mean anything. We're just hoping they're talking about good surprises like a pot of gold, or David Bowie, or a bedful of kittens.

The surprise-filled hotel is named Archer, and, interestingly, it will share the same block as The Refinery, whose "reclaimed" design we just reported on yesterday. So far, though, the Archer is much more mysterious than the Refineryóno talk of 1920s themes or Singer sewing machines at all. In fact, all we really know about the Archer so far is that...well, it's named after someone called Archer, who may or may not be a fictitious character.

Glen Coben, who's overseeing the design of the hotel, explains that the Archer is "a warm, welcoming place that is dotted with Chesterfield-style sofas, vibrant art, exposed brick and elegant wood-paneled millwork. Itís a place that might have been here before, timeless in some ways, yet of today in many more; itís a new American classic."

See what we mean when we said mysterious?

Another highlight about the hotel are the guestrooms, of which there will be a 'palette' of four different designs to choose from. This is supposed to enhance the "home-like" feel of the hotel, since, "in a home, you would not create each and every bedroom to be identical." Hopefully, all four 'palettes' will be original and fun, rather than one being awesome and the other three just "so-so."

We also like how the platform beds will have drawers beneath them. We've seen this trick before and think it's a wonderful design feature, especially for folks staying longer than just a weekend.

The hotel will also feature: a lobby restaurant with open kitchen, a rooftop bar, a gym, retail components with "selections from local artisans," and an art installation in the lobby by 26-year-old vieo artist Artie Vierkant.

The hotel is due to open in early 2014.

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Also, I just realized how similar the Archer's logo is to Public Hotels. Anyone else see that?