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New Asian-Themed Menu at Solage Calistoga is OTFC

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February 8, 2013 at 5:33 PM | by | ()

When we went to Napa last week, we did what anyone visiting Napa would do. We ate. We ate our way through the valley, we ate food with food, food on top of food and quite possibly would have had sex with the food if the opportunity was there. Did we make our point clear? The food here is otherworldly.

But there's just so much steak and pastas and steaks our hearts could take. So imagine our sigh of relief when we parked our extra weight at Solage Calistoga's SolBar.

Don't let the name fool you. "SolBar" might sound like a cafe lounge where hippies congregate for hemp kale crisps but it's actually a Michelin-star rated masterpiece. Like, people drive in from San Francisco to dine here, thanks to easy-on-the-eyes executive chef Brandon Sharp's magic wand (or, uh, spatula).

The sustainably farmed ingredients with a twist on soul food recipes (the fried chicken is TDF) is truly exceptional. But that's not what we're all about right now. The kitchen just introduced a new Asian-inspired lounge menu last month. The culinary team of white people prove they can make some crazy-awesome, fancy Asian cuisine.

Read on to hear a few of our favorites!

The Cantonese double-boiled chicken and ginger soup with shitake wontons, chile oil and fresh herbs will have you weak at the knees, as well as the steam buns with Chiang Mai sausage, saw-tooth herb and Chinese mustard cream. You might as well live it up and order the slow-roasted pork ribs with Szechuan peppercorn glaze and marinated savoy cabbage.

But save room for wine. That's right. They can pair the shizzle out of this Asian hizzle.

We have to warn you: this menu is only seasonal (there's a baby rumor the menu may see spring, summer and fall). So we suggest you take a break from hearty American and Italian and get to SolBar quick. Seriously, Asian food is hard to come by in the valley!

[Photo: Solage Calistoga blog]

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