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Hilton Wants To Cure Your Vacationitis

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February 6, 2013 at 3:39 PM | by | ()

Hopefully you've paid off those Christmas credit card bills by now and had a great time relaxing and celebrating the New Year. But how many of you came back to a desk piled with papers and a long to-do list? One vacation creates the need for another, and there's no doubt that this is why millions of Americans choose not to use their vacation days.

While no person or company can stop that mindset on their own, Hilton has teamed up with The Onion in an attempt to humorously motivate people to take short long-weekend type trips this winter. The theory is that weekend getaways and staycations (yeah, that word is still around) are manageable because you only have to take off one day (at most) and it's enough time to relax without creating more work upon your return. Apparently, sometimes one extra day off on either side of a weekend can make a big difference.

Hilton has created a "Urgent Vacation Care Center" where you can take a short (and pretty fun) quiz that will diagnose your vacation needs and provide a prescription for your misery. Based on your responses, they'll recommend a property for you to visit close to where you live.

Plus, Completing the quiz also enters you to win one of 15 weekend getaways between now and February 28. Aside from the quiz, the Vacationitis Center has deals that can land you 20% off your next hotel stay.

To suggest properties close by, Hilton requires you enter your address and e-mail. This is where it does get dicey. We almost wish that after the quiz a list of hotels would pop up and we could choose from there. People are hesitant to give up their info due to the tendency for companies to place you on those dreaded mailing lists. However, you can always unsubscribe, use your Yahoo! account (you know you still have one) and be sure to uncheck the box asking to subscribe to promotions via e-mail.

We do like the fact that the quiz provides practical properties close to home, so head on over and see what the doctor orders for you--there just might an affordable long-weekend in your future.

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