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9 Hotels Where Lindsay Lohan Isn't Welcome

Where: Various Hotels , United States
February 7, 2013 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

In light of recent events where Lindsay Lohan and her mother were allegedly turned away from Loews Santa Monica and Shutters, we have decided to create a running tab on where the starlet is not welcome to visit the lobby, much less reserve a room.

Here's a tally of hotels that have said, "your money (or lack of) is no good here" to Lohan and the reasons why:

Soho Grand (2007)
· A drunken break-down that got her carried to her room and then escorted out for the night, has caused the hotel to think twice on giving her a room.
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
· Spotted and videoed snorting cocaine is an easy way to be banned from any hotel.
Shutters on the Beach (2007)
· Lindsay trashed her room and even left a bloody syringe for the housekeeping staff to clean up upon check-out.
Mondrian Los Angeles (2007)
· Wouldn't accommodate her, claiming they were full, then witnessed the star losing her shit.
The Standard LA (2011)
· The hotel hasn't sent her packing, but after a drink throwing incident, LiLo blacklisted the hotel herself. Either way, you won't find her staying here.

Where else is LiLo persona non-grata? Find out after the jump!

Chateau Marmont (2005, 2009, 2010, 2012)
· Racking up a $46,000 bill and doing a runner after a 6+ week stay. Second time's a charm since her previous $500,000 bill when she lived there.
The Dream Downtown (2012)
· A 'little' hit-and-run in the alley may not be the best way to get an invite back.
W New York Union Square (2012)
· A domestic abuse dispute and $50,000 worth of damage from cigarette burns got her blacklisted from all W Hotels in the portfolio.

With a resume like this, she is sure to strike again an if we know Lindsay (and we don't personally), this list is bound to be organic and change at a moment's notice. Will she branch-out and raise some eyebrows overseas? Hopefully, 2013 will be her year to get on the straight and narrow, but with a start like this, we can only cover our eyes...and peak through our fingers to watch.

[Photo: HotelChatter; inset, EntertainmentPlanet]

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