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Did Justin Bieber Have A Foursome at the Langham Hotel London?

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Admittedly one of our favorite luxury hotel chains, The Langham is well-known for things like afternoon tea, pink taxis and a 19th century-inspired gin cocktail lounge. No surprise, then, that the Langham is exactly the kind of classy joint where Justin Bieber would want to have his first foursome.

The 18-year-old pop star was staying in London this week gearing up for his big UK tour, and he certainly kept busy "getting to know" his British fanbase. The Daily Mail caught photos of Bieber in and out of several nightclubs around London on Tuesday night, before finally ending up back at the Langham London with his new lady friend, Ella-Paige Roberts Clark.

A few minutes later, though, two other girls from the same club showed up at the hotel and were admitted up to his room.

You could argue that the girls were only after a quick nightcap in the hotel bar, or maybe they needed to use the bathroom, and they just happened to stop in the same hotel where the Biebs was staying. Except no, they weren't. Photographers also snapped one of them leaving the Langham the next morning, dressed in the same clothes, just a few minutes after Justin left the hotel himself. Busted!

The only other notable thing about this whole saga is the outfit Justin wore on his way out of the hotel the next morning. The ensemble included an oversize yellow hat with metal spikes, purple leopard print pants, and a black sweatshirt with what looked like multicolored toilet paper rolls embroidered on the chest. Classy, for sure.

Don't worry, the Biebs isn't the only one who can have fun at this place. Rooms at the Langham London go for around £307/night ($465), though whom you choose to invite back to your room is entirely up to you.

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