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What's Up with King & Grove Williamsburg?

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February 28, 2013 at 9:49 AM | by | ()

King & Grove Williamsburg, or, as it was formerly known, Hotel Williamsburg, made a pretty big splash when it first opened in 2011 as Williamsburg's first proper boutique hotel. With a nice big flashy outdoor pool deck, a rooftop, and even a trendy restaurant with locally-sourced ingredients, all the elements seemed in place.

Then things started to go wrong. First, the restaurant got shut down after being open for just one month. Shortly after, the hotel announced it had been taken over by King & Grove, with "exciting changes" on the way (that we've yet to see).

Then, last May, The Wythe Hotel opened two blocks away, trumping K&G Williamsburg in almost every way (original design, hip crowd, view-tastic rooftop bar, and a restaurant that actually stayed open).

Now, a year later, we're wondering what's up with King & Grove Williamsburg?

For starters, we never hear too much about this hotel. No big parties, or celebrity guests, or happy hours to entice us over for a cocktail. Not that K&G Williamsburg necessarily needs to exist in the public eye, but for a hotel located in cool-obsessed Williamsburg, we figured the name would come up at least once or twice. In fact, when Brooklyn hotels come up in conversation and we mention K&G Williamsburg, folks often respond with a confused, "What's that?"

We recently popped inside the lobby on a Sunday evening, finding the place as dead as can be. A few guests sat at the bar (which, oddly, doubles as the reception desk) and we saw one group check in. But the general atmosphere was stale, empty, and a little off-key.

Luckily, we have heard plans for a new restaurant called The Elm, which is set to open in May. And things ought to pick up as the weather gets warmer and folks start showing up to use the pool.

But for now, considering this was meant to be King & Grove's big Brooklyn debut, we're a little mystified by this hotel's progress thus far.

Rates start at around $196/night.

Have you stayed here as a guest? Do you know anyone who has? Was the experience good, bad, or just meh? Let us know in the comments below!

Archived Comments:

Handicapped Accessible? Not really

I booked a room here last weekend and specified that I needed a handicapped accessible room.  I was assured that I would have one.
Problem #1 -- the lift that would carry a wheelchair from the entrance to the lobby to bypass the few steps was not working.  Had to enter and exit the hotel via the garage/basement.
Problem #2 -- the bathroom had bars to aide in movement but they were placed too high and of no use to me.
Problem #3 -- the pillow topped mattress sucked me into it so that getting in and getting out was virtually impossible.
Problem #4 -- although this king sized bedroom was guaranteed to be handicapped friendly, I couldn't traverse the room because my wheelchair would not fit between the bed and shelving/desk attached to the opposite wall. Therefore, I couldn't use half the room and that included the thermostat, minibar and window.
Problem #5 (and this has nothing to do with handicapped accessibility) -- half the lights in the room did not work; the one in the shower was out, the ceiling light over the bed was out, and one of the side lamps needed its bulb screwed in more tightly to work.
I ended up with someone else's receipt when I checked out.
I will say that the staff is very, very polite and helpful as much as they can be.
I would like to bring these ADA problems to the attention of someone in management but don't know who is leading their management staff at this point.  Do you?  I'd appreciate the information.