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Naked Man Locks Himself Out of Hotel Room

February 26, 2013 at 5:34 PM | by | ()

It's one of those nightmares you pray will never happen to you. You swear it could never happen to you. Ever.

Then you discover it can and does happen--accidentally locking yourself out of your hotel room while you're naked.

Good gravy.

That's exactly what happened to the young man in the video above. Trying to quickly dispose of his room service items outside his hotel room door (he obviously wasn't in a hotel that supplied robes!) he UNDERESTIMATED the POWER of a hotel door and it slammed behind him, leaving the chap in the hallway with nothing but a tray to cover up with.

After you finish watching the YouTube clip that's gone viral, find out what he did next to solve this mortifying problem.

Before it gets better, it gets worse. Not only does the man have to try and duck a passing couple in the hall, the man actually gets in an ELEVATOR to go to the front desk to ask for a key to be let in. An elevator where there was a mother and her child. The mom tried to cover the child's eyes. Getting to the lobby, families are witnessed scattering away as they see the naked man. Merciful geezus. Don't you just want to die for him? Just go all fetal?

What is damn hilarious is that the hotel front desk management asks him for identification. Um, where would that ID be located?? We've heard of nooks and crannies, but this would have been a new one had he produced a driver's license from some mysterious place.

Here's the thing, there's endless debate on whether or not this whole thing was staged. People have weighed in, said the man should have knocked on a neighbors door and asked for a towel, or perhaps called the front desk from a hallway phone. Asked passerby's (two males) for help. That he didn't have to go through all of that drama.

What do you think? Real or staged? And what would YOU have done in a similar situation?

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Archived Comments:

I think it's staged

Why wouldn't he just ask the people in the hall to call down for him?

And there is no way a real person would ask a naked man for ID.

Still, funny regardless!

Staged. So staged...

The guy did not react to the sound of the door shutting at all, only after setting the tray down.

The mother in the elevator covering the child's eyes was way too much drama. Also, the receptionist would definitely have asked for the guest's NAME and not just the room number.

Agree that is was fun to watch though :)