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'The Bachelor' Heads to Anantara Si Kao to Seek Out His Future Wife

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For reasons we can't fully explain, we've decided to tune into the completely staged reality dating show that is "The Bachelor" on ABC. And we're obsessed. From the first rose ceremony shenanigans to the tense two-on-one dates and awkward make-out sessions, we love it all. We'll even watch it live, with commercials. But the show also has another important element we love--hotels. The Bachelor, Sean, has taken his hot body and so-so personality around the world as he tries to find a wife from Montana to Canada to St. Croix and now to the south of Thailand. Who will get the final rose? Who cares? We wanna know where they spent the night.

After an interesting time meeting families last week, Sean narrowed down the choices for his life partner to three women--Catherine, Ashlee and Lindsay. But as they say three's a crowd and Sean has to narrow down his selection even further. To make this tough production call decision, Sean takes the girls to the south of Thailand, specifically to the Anantara Resort in Si Kao.

Much like the Buccaneer Resort in St. Croix, this Anantara bills itself as perfect for family vacations or honeymoons. There's 139 rooms, suites, pool suites and family rooms on the property so it's not a terribly big resort but there's tons of stuff to do, most of them involving water and sand as the resort sits on 15 kilometers of beach adjacent to the Had Chao Mai National Park. But The Bachelor had other plans around town.

For Sean's date with Lindsay, the two hop on a Samlo (like a rickshaw) and get driven off to the Si Kao Market, a local farmers' markets of sorts. There was some bug eating and artificially-colored birds and Sean bought a pair of board shorts. Then after a session feeding monkeys on the beach and making out in the water at sunset, Sean and Lindsay have a traditional Thai dinner. Just as Lindsay is to tell Sean she loves him, a letter arrives from host Chris Harrison (who is totes not needed on this show in any capacity) telling them that they can forgo their invidivual rooms and spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite. Eeee! Lindsay accepts. Double Eeee!

The two head back to a room that looks like the Anantara Suite but the resort's website doesn't have many room photos so we're just guessing here. Finally, Lindsay gets to tell Sean she loves him. But since he's got two other dates to go on, he can't really say it back. But he does say, "I love hearing you say that." Yeesh.

The next date Sean goes on is with Ashlee and he takes her to Emerald Cave that they swim through to get to a secluded beach. The cave is dark and scary but she's got Sean and a bunch of cameras, so there's nothing to fear. They celebrate their adventure with a dinner on the beach. A letter arrives from creepy Chris and it says the same thing as Lindsay's letter. Sean says he would love to spend the whole night with her just talking and after seeming like she was going to say no, Ashlee agrees to the Fantasy Suite. Which looks like pretty much the same room as the one Lindsay and him stayed in. Once they get there, the two start talking all cutesy but the romantic mood is ruined when Ashlee describes the kind of ring she wants. (Cushion cut, size 6.5.) Maybe not the best way to end the night.

Sean's final date is with Catherine and they spend the day cruising around on a junk boat and talking about deep issues. They manage to get in a little scuba diving before a thunderstorm breaks out but there's no trouble in their paradise. For their dinner date, they get a private table set up somewhere on the resort. The topic of conversation quickly moves to the Fantasy Suite and Catherine expresses her reservation about spending the night but it turns out the two are on the same page. Still, he makes her read the creepy letter from creepy Chris Harrison anyways. Yet off to the suite they go. This time they make use of the suite's private pool, which is actually a part of the Anantara Pool suite and which also comes in a family version.

The next day, Sean wakes up and knows who he has to send home. But first, he has to have a powwow with creepy Chris about it at the Anantara's beach house. At last, it's time to hand out the roses in the resort's lobby, no less. The first rose goes to Lindsay. And the second goes to... Catherine leaving Ashlee to pack her bags and get on the first flight back to the U.S. Sean looks a little shocked so the episode concludes with him looking deep in thought at the resort's fountain out front. (BTW, congrats Ashlee! You are the next "Bachelorette!")

So, we're pretty sure Ashlee will never return to the Anantara but if you're still interested, the Fantasy Suites, er, Anantara Suites start at $420 a night.

Stayed tuned in two weeks for The Proposal, also happening at the Anantara Resort!

[Photos: The Bachelor and Anantara Si Kao]

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