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Answer Revealed: What Is This At The Hotel Chandler?

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February 21, 2013 at 8:16 PM | by | ()

Not even 2 minutes after we posted the question "What Is This At The Hotel Chandler?", you smartypants posters had the answer down pat both on HotelChatter's Facebook and Twitter pages. We thought it would take at least an hour for someone to figure it out!

Well, you were right, Fred Geiger (the first to answer on Facebook), the image above are assorted 19th-century European clock tower hands. They're made of hammered copper with original gold leaf finish and came from a private museum in Germany before the Hotel Chandler's owner purchased them from an antiques dealer in New Jersey.

Another cool thing we discovered was that this fireplace mantel (below), original to the building, had hundreds of layers of paint on it. After a recent redecoration of the hotel's rooms, it was stripped (took a few weeks!) and these intricately hand-carved lions heads were revealed and lovingly restored.

[Photos: Chanize Thorpe for HotelChatter]

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