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Kate Hudson Unapologetically Dances and Smokes on The Savoy's Furniture

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February 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM | by | ()

Actress Party animal Kate Hudson literally had all eyes on her during a post-Brit Awards party at The Savoy in London earlier this week. The kind of shindig where regular hotel guests get shooed away to make room for A-listers, who then make a show of their A-lister-ness by doing whatever the heck they want. Which, in this case, involved dancing on the furniture and smoking cigarettes inside a hotel where smoking has been banned for the past five years.

The Daily Mail caught these photos of Kate, who was in town because her rocker husband, Matt Bellamy, and his band were nominated for a few Brit Awards. Now, we get the whole rebel- without-a-cause thing, but was the Savoy's party so packed there wasn't even standing room on the floor? Or maybe Kate was trying to get a better view of the other celebs who were there—Harry Styles, Mark Ronson, Tamara Ecclestone. Or maybe she was still worried about floodwaters from Rihanna's catastrophic visit back in 2011?

After scrambling up on top of a royal blue divan, Kate was caught "dipping her head" to puff on a cigarette, which is, like, totally against the rules. But no one seemed interested in interfering. The Daily Mail reports the smoking ban was instituted in 2007, and that establishments who fail to stop customers from smoking could be fined up to £2,500.

Which is the equivalent to about 6.5 nights in one of the hotel's Superior Queen rooms. (That's £390 ($514) a night, for those too lazy to do the math.)

Or, in celebrity currency, a mere pittance.

[Photo: T.Corrigan/Flickr]

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