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Is This The Hotel Room of the Future?

February 21, 2013 at 10:14 AM | by | ()

If these floors could talk...

Today, CNN reports on a rather inventive "hotel room of the future" model that's been dreamed up in Spain by the SerranoBrothers design studio in conjunction with the Instituto Tecnologico Hotelero. Unsurprisingly, the room is full of gadgets like Bang & Olufsen audio equipment, Microsoft tablets, Roca radio mirrors, touch-sensitive transparent screens, and best, of all, walls that actually talk back to you.

Yes, that's right. The hotel rooms of the future will not only provide us with beds to sleep in and bathrooms to wash, but will also greet us in the morning, and remind us of our appointments for the day. Kind of like that 1980s TV show Knight Rider but without any of David Hasselhoff's witty comebacks and cool leather jackets.

Read on to find out what else the "ITH Room Xperience" offers!

The completely interactive rooms will certainly be a shock to the system for anyone who's not used to being able to 'pull up the weather' on their bedroom wall (ie, most of us).

But is this a bad thing? Certain features of the tech-ified room are admittedly pretty nifty (digital murals! disappearing windows!) and, anyway, plenty of folks use their hotel room as their office when they're working on the road. So why not jazz things up a little? It's the 21st century, after all.

Perhaps most interesting is the "stretched fabric covering" on the walls. Helping to make the room even more interactive, the fabric enables the wall to "open" or "close", depending on whether you want to access the closet, minibar, or window.

The SerranoBrothers design team says:

"When implementing this project in an actual space, we will most definitely filter some of the technology we've exhibited in order to avoid being excessive and to provide a more manageable experience to the user. One that isn't so overwhelming."

Don't worry, it takes a lot for a hotel room to "overwhelm" us.

[Photo: SerranoBrothers]

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