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What Is This at The Hotel Chandler?

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February 20, 2013 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

When we first looked at the above pieces on the wall at New York's Hotel Chandler, we honestly didn't know what to think. Was it art? Medieval weaponry? We felt like damned fools because we couldn't figure it out. So we just stood there staring at it for quite some time, like someone in a gallery, hands on chin in pretentious deep thought about a piece. But we weren't in deep thought, we were bloody perplexed and we don't like feeling that way.

Luckily the Chandler is chock-ful of quirky pieces, and the staff is quite used to questions about the fun pieces that dot the place. Normally, we like to pretend we're know-it-alls, but we couldn't fake the funk on this one. Being the inquisitive sort we couldn't leave without an answer, so we found out just what was hanging on the side wall of the hotel's lobby. And then we said "Ooooh." And felt silly. And kept staring because we couldn't believe we didn't get it at first shot.

But before we reveal the answer, we'll let you take a wild guess--there's always a smarty pants waiting to show us up--and tell us what do you think this is, anyway?

[Photo: Chanize Thorpe for HotelChatter]

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Y'all are too smart!

Within minutes on both Twitter and FB, you guys got it. Hmph!!!