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Where Should We Stay for One Night in Madrid?

Where: Madrid, Spain
February 14, 2013 at 3:24 PM | by | ()

UPDATE! Thank you so much for your recommendations on Twitter and elsewhere. See where we stayed.

Okay frequent traveling friends and readers, here's your chance to help us have an awesome time Madrid, Spain. We need your best hotel recommendation for our upcoming trip, because we want to see the best Madrid has to offer, room-wise, for what will be this HotelChatter writer's first visit to the city.

We'll be in town for such a short period thanks to some flight itinerary weirdness, but luckily it's just enough time to enjoy the "Cliffs Notes version" of Madrid. Help a fellow hotel geek out and share where you think we should stay in the comments!

Some guidelines:
· A nightly rate of 200 Euros or less is ideal, but we could be flexible if WiFi & breakfast is included
· We don't care about getting points, so independent properties are very welcome
· Bonus for ease of getting to/from airport, though no airport hotels, please.

You'll then find out which hotel won out when we hit the city just over a week from now and share all the juicy details...

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Archived Comments:

From @loriweisberg on Twitter

"Hotel Europa, Madrid. Affordable, well located, although not upscale."

From @MyBestPants on Twitter

"Hotel Santo Mauro is pretty cool."

Roommate Alicia

Perfect location modern good rate