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New Belgian Pop-Up Hotel Wants You To 'Sleep Around'

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February 15, 2013 at 1:02 PM | by | ()

Have you ever been so tired you might just sleep anywhere? Well, that's the hope of a new Belgian pop-up hotel concept that is wandering all around the country. The hipster haven is called Sleeping Around and it promotes...well, sleeping around. Where ever the mobile hotel sets up shop, that's where you will call home-base while traveling.

Using abandoned shipping containers, the hotel creates a small 'village' of 6 units. Out of the six, four are individual rooms with air conditioning and en suite bathrooms, one is a breakfast and lounge room and one is for the sauna. Since each room is a recycled shipping vessel, Sleeping Around acts as environmentally conscious by creating a boutique hotel experience made from completely recycled materials.

A truly pop-up experience, the hotel actually moves around to different locations. To find its current location, potential guests need to hop on the website to track the exact site through a GPS tracking. Currently, its hanging out on a shipping pier in Antwep but has the potential to go anywhere that is about 400 square meters with drinking water, electricity and an amazing view. The site even take recommendations.

With merely four rooms, and possibly 8 people, things can get pretty cozy. Even the pop-up restaurant to enjoy a cup of coffee or a wine a good chat with fellow travelers makes traveling fun. Fancy a relaxing sauna? Well, pop on your robe and slippers —provided in the room— and head over to the hot container.

Prices for each container start at 149 Euros ($200 USD) per night.

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