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Myanmar's Luxury Hotel Invasion Begins At Bagan

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February 11, 2013 at 5:48 PM | by | ()

Now that Myanmar's iron-fisted miltary dictatorship has decided to free a few political prisoners and re-open its doors to foreigners, let the luxury hotel invasion begin!

First up at bat? Southeast Asia's Apple Tree Group, whose international hotel portfolio includes a colonial-era steamship, a villa built by the grandson of a Laotian king, and a thatched roof ecolodge along the Mekong in Vietnam, is shooting for an April 15th opening of its "highly anticipated tented luxury lodge" on the shores of the Irawaddy River in Bagan, called wait for itBagan Lodge.

The ancient city is home to some 3,300 Buddhist temples, stupas, and pagodas -- making it the largest concentration of such ruins in the world. (But it's been shunned by UNESCO, which has yet to designate it as a World Heritage Site. (We're guessing the drama has to do with all those, you know, human rights abuses committed by the government).

Anyway, the lodge will feature 85 "air-conditioned" rooms of varying types, including 3 suites. There will be a restaurant, the Tiffin Box ("tiffin" being an Indian-English word for "lunch") offering both authentic Burmese and western cuisine, while afternoon tea is promised daily in the lobby lounge.

Those finding themselves famished outdoors shan't fret, as the 20-meter pool boasts a bar menu of snacks and cocktails. There will also be a spa and a travel desk for guests to book local excursions and deal with flight issues.

Despite still only having CGI's for photos and no word yet on room cost, these Apple Tree folks seem pretty confident about the lodge's specified opening date in two months. They do have a Twitter page, though, so that's something!

[Photo: Apple Tree Group]

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