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Right Now Is Probably a Good Time To Book Your Super Bowl Hotel Room

December 5, 2013 at 11:04 AM | by | Comments (5)

Know of a hotel room open for Super Bowl? Tell us where right here.

Usually, when the Super Bowl comes to town it's a slam dunk, er, immediate first down for hotels in that city and its surrounding areas. The NFL needs at least two hotels for the championship teams while corporate sponsors gobble up hotel rooms elsewhere. But according to the Real Deal Blog, NYC hotels aren't getting quite the business boom they were hoping for.

Occupancy rates for the city in the days leading up to the Super Bowl on February 2nd is only at 20 percent. Hotels were hoping it would be about 50 percent. There was no reason or explanation given for the sluggish room sales but we have a few, off the top of our heads:

Perhaps it's because folks are still waiting to see if their team has a likely shot of getting into the Super Bowl. After all, the regular season just ended this week. Or maybe folks aren't as interested this year as the game will be held in New Jersey in February, one of the coldest months of the year. Lastly, maybe occupancy isn't skyrocketing because there are SO MANY HOTELS to choose from in the NJ/NYC area.

As for room rates, they are staying humble..for now which is a good thing if you are interested in going to the Super Bowl this year.

Doing a quick search on Expedia we found the Empire Hotel from 1/31-2/3 for $319 a night. The Courtyard By Marriott in Midtown East (remember Courtyard is an NFL sponsor) is hovering at $399 a night while its Times Square counterpart is at $529. The Court, a St Giles Hotel, has rooms for $296 but whatever you do, avoid the Hotel Carter which is asking for $319. Not familiar with the Hotel Carter? Just read here.

Meanwhile, FanExperiences.com, which is running the hotel reservations for the NFL is showing a different selection of hotels in NJ/NYC, although at different prices. That Courtyard by Marriott Midtown East is going for $576 so you might be better off with the traditional search engines or the hotel's site directly.

Naturally, we expect these room rates to inflate and then POOF! disappear as the Super Bowl gets closer. If you want to go this year, whether or not your team will make it, we say BOOK NOW.

Comments (5)

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I checked the Empire Hotel and found a room for $245 a night. Its not the best hotel but I wouldn't pay $319 a night, crazy!! The prices will go up once the teams are announced as fans will swoop in as well as other corporate entities. Book the room now and cancel if your team doesn't get the nod. Just make sure the cancellation policy allows for no fees for cancelling your ressie. I found the Empire price on www.hotelbookingplace.com, not Expedia. I never use them anymore, prices are always high when I search them.

Mark S

I work in NYC. Practically every hotel manager I have spoken to has rooms available. Not sure why you singled out just these.

PS has rooms at reasonable rates over Superbowl

The Park South on East 28th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues has rooms available at rates in the low $300s.  Rates include daily continental breakfast and Wi-Fi.  Rate is refundable and there is no minimum required stay.
Check it out:  <a href="http://www.parksouthhotel.com">http://www.parksouthhotel.com</a>

3 West Club - Great Location & Rates

The 3 West Club located on 51st Street between 5th and 6th Avenue has rooms available for $300 per night Friday through Sunday.  If you are arriving earlier in the week, we also have a Weekday special available.  www.3westclub.com 212-582-5454.

Wolcott Hotel

The landmark Wolcott Hotel in midtown Manhattan will be keeping business as usual for stays over Super Bowl weekend with rates starting at $260 a night and breakfast included (complimentary muffins and coffee).  With a great location just steps from Penn Station and the public transportation set up for the game, the hotel's ideal midtown location is the perfect place for travelers planning a trip to NYC for the Big Game. Other hotel amenities include concierge services for tickets to local attractions, fitness room, high-speed wireless internet, laundry facility, and an on-site gift shop. For more information or to make a reservation visit www.wolcott.com or call 212-268-2900.

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