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Kimpton's Last-Minute Deals Really Are Deal-Worthy

December 5, 2013 at 1:49 PM | by | Comments (2)

Just the other week, we were in Miami looking for a seriously last-minute hotel deal. We're talking 2pm the day of. Our usual go-to site for last-minute bookings, HotelTonight, didn't really have any good options. See, we like deals but we also like cool hotels so finding that perfect combination of affordable-ish and hip can sometimes be difficult.

So we turned to the giant search engine that is Expedia and found a room at Kimpton's Surfcomber Hotel on Collins Avenue for $239 a night. Not bad but we had to cross-check that with what the Surfcomber's own site was showing. And to our surprise, we stumbled upon Kimpton's Last Minute Deals.

Offered to their InTouch Loyalty Program members, the Last Minute Deals (code LMD at check-out) are usually good for stays within the next seven days. We managed to save $30 off the Expedia rate just by booking through Kimpton. (Again, another good reason why you should book with a hotel directly.)

And our stay at the Surfcomber was rather good. We were in a killer beachfront location on Collins, right next to the SLS, where we had to be for the HotelChatter Meet-Up. Our room was small and the view was of the building next door, but all the fun Kimpton amenities were inside--the yoga mats, the animal-print lined bathrobes, the nightstand charging contraption, etc., etc.

The next morning we also were pleasantly surprised to see an iced coffee station in the lobby (they had hot coffee too) so we loaded up on that before meandering out by the pool.

And while the hotel does charge a $20 resort fee, it goes towards things you actually use like the morning coffee, two beach chairs, poolside amenities like sunscreen and flavor-infused water and a $10 F&B credit.

Lastly, the service was impeccable. Everyone was super friendly from the doormen to the Social Club servers while one of the concierges helped us search for the best deal on a car service. Maybe we're just seeing this hotel through rose-colored "we got a deal" lenses but we'll be looking for more LMDs from Kimpton from here on out.

[Photos: HotelChatter]

Comments (2)

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