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Worst Hotel Hell: A Rat In The Room

December 30, 2013 at 12:02 PM | by | Comments (0)

It's that time of year again: the 2013 HotelChatter Awards! Today and tomorrow, we'll be showcasing the best (and worst) of hotels over the past year. But we couldn't do it without you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot us an email. And the Award goes to...

Really, if you've found any of the 13 things of this list in your hotel room this year, then they could be a contender for the Worst Hotel Hell award. Yet, we forgot to add "Vermin" to that list. More specifically, "Vermin who chew through your take-out box while you are sleeping." So when a reader submitted this story to us recently, we knew right away this was the winner.

Here's how it went down. The HC reader checked into a new hotel in NYC this past fall and went out to dinner. He took some food to-go, kept it on the dresser in his hotel room and awoke to this scene the next morning. In his own words, he wrote us:

Here is take out container from Cookshop the night before. Found it in the morning with a little hole in the container with shredded bits. Sadly no picture of the mouse. Saw this, packed up and left right away. Hoping that no rat poop in my open luggage set beside the table. Will have to check later.


When we first reported the story, we didn't want to release the hotel name until we could confirm the story and the hotel. And we did.

It happened at the High Line Hotel, which just opened this past spring. From what we've heard, the hotel took the guest's complaint very seriously and immediately called in pest control. That's somewhat comforting but you can bet we will never leave a take-out box out in the open in our hotel room ever again.

[Photo: HC Tipster]

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