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Will You Wake Up Christmas Morning in a Hotel? Tell Us About It!

December 23, 2013 at 9:30 AM | by | Comments (7)

Despite being in the travel industry and finding ourselves on the road much of the year, the holidays are the one period of time where we can guarantee a few nights at home in our own bed. In all honesty, this contributor has never woken up on Christmas morning in a hotel room, so the idea of it seems very foreign in some way. Hotels are our home away from home, but there's never been a substitute for waking up in our own bed on Christmas morning.

Sitting here, we wonder what it would be like to rise on the 25th in a hotel. What would we do? How would we spend our morning?

If we were in a suite at the Goring, things would be pretty merry given the pile of presents that looks like a Christmas tree. And lots of hotels do their best to create a festive atmosphere for those traveling during the holidays, including giant macaron Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

But, could the charm of Christmas morning be replicated if we were staying in a standard room somewhere? Do we throw a few presents under the lamp in the corner? Do we order room service, throw on Christmas music?

For those who will wake up Wednesday in a hotel room, we want to hear your plans, especially if you're traveling with young children. How will you foster the magic and nostalgia of Christmas morning at home? Got any tips for making the morning feel special? Hit us and fellow readers with your advice in the comments below.

[Photo: The Goring]

Comments (7)

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Emer via Facebook

I feel like it's not as comforting as being at home, but it gives an excitement that I don't really get anymore ( like how you used to get as a child waking up for Christmas). I always try and do things that are festive so that I can feel some of the magic of Christmas still

Re: Emer Via Facebook

Like what? Do you decorate the room?

Re: Emer Via Facebook

"No- I might consider it if I was there for a week, or a couple of weeks. But usually stuff around the town. Ex) if there's a Christmas symphony or play - along those lines. Go drive around and see lights. Get Christmas inspired meals and also I do bring my presents to the hotel"

Sandra via Facebook

 Have spent many a Christmas morning in a far away city. While it's a bit disconcerting at first, I've found that getting out where you'll find lots of other people to say Merry Christmas to is key - hang at a local coffee shop and soak up the good cheer. Everyone is extra friendly and anxious to wish you a wonderful day as well. Cities become your private viewing ground with all the crowds tucked in at home, window shop, gawk, and stop on the sidewalk all you want. It's a great time for a long city walk. Have never had to resort to the movie option.

We Always Choose a Hotel in Hawaii for Christmas!

Christmas morning in a Hawaii hotel is amazing! Santa arrives in a red canoe right on Waikiki beach. The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, The Modern, The Moana and The Outrigger hotels on the beach always do something special for children. There is often a sunrise service on the beach too! We then have breakfast and go visiting family and friends on Oahu.
Mele Kalikimaka to all !

Feliz Navidad

Last year I fulfilled my dream of having a Caribbean Christmas and I took my family to Cancun. It was fantastic waking up to sun and sea instead of snow and cold. We brought some presents with us and opened them in the room, put on our bathing suits and hit the beach! Dinner was tacos, guac and tequila (not for the kids!). Best Xmas everrrr.

Recapturing the magic

Adults deserve to experience the magic of Christmas morning like we did in our youth, and I can attest to experiencing something very similar when our family chose to spend Christmas Eve and Day in a very nice hotel.

We agreed as a family which city was easiest for all and planned the whole thing about eleven months ahead of time. We even had our dinner in the hotel restaurant.

It was a fantastic experience, and I hope everyone gets to try it at least once.

Robert Bruce,CEO

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