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Could The Next Planet Hollywood Hotel Open in Orlando?

December 19, 2013 at 1:15 PM | by | Comment (1)

Way back in 2010, It was announced that the world would be getting more Planet Hollywood Hotels (the first and only being the one in Vegas of course.) The expansion would be helped along by Wyndham Hotels.

Then the following year it was announced that actually China, Panama and Qatar would get the new PH Hotels first. Well, here we are on the edge of 2014, and no new Planet Hollywood hotels exist anywhere. But it looks like one is very close to opening and close to home too.

We stumbled across some new Planet Hollywood trademarks the other day--one for Phabulous and another for Phamous, two PH-branding concepts that are loosely used by the Vegas resort (mostly in promotions and on social media.) The owner of the trademark is listed as Planet Hollywood in Orlando and not Caesars Entertainment (which owns the property in Vegas.) The trademarks are both listed as for "hotel and resort hotel services." Sounds promising! But does this mean there's an actual hotel site in Orlando laying around for the Planet Hollywood brand? Yes, actually there is.

At the beginning of last year, the Orlando Business Journal overheard a developer name-dropping the Planet Hollywood name for a hotel project on International Drive.

Interestingly, that project has just been changed to the ORLANDO EYE and will include a massive 425-foot observation wheel similar to the London Eye along with lots of retail and restaurants (which sounds awesome.) BUT we also read that Wyndham Resorts is working on redeveloping their adjacent property to the Orlando Eye, the Wyndham Orlando Resort, including turning some rooms over to retail, upgrading the existing rooms (the renovations are still ongoing) and building a new hotel tower. BOOM. We think that could be it. And Orlando is perfect for a Planet Hollywood resort (there's already a big resto at Disney's Pleasure Island) since the theme park destination draws around the same amount of crazies tourists as Las Vegas, which is also kind of like a big theme park destination...for debauchery. (Orlando had over 50 million visitors in 2012 while Vegas had about 40 million.)

Or maybe we're just letting our imaginations run away but we suspect we'll be proven right or wrong in 2014.

Care to rumor monger with us on this possible Planet Hollywood locations? Put your gossip in comments below!

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