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While Ritz Paris Is Closed, Hemingway Bar Takes to the Skies

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  Site Where: Place Vendome & 30,000 feet, Paris, France
December 19, 2013 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

For loyal fans of famous Hemingway Bar at the Hotel Ritz Paris, these dark winter months must be the hardest of all during its two-year plus closure. August last year, when the last drink was poured, is a long time ago, and reopening at the end of next year (if all goes as planned) is still far away.

So what to do? Well, for a (very) lucky few, the answer lies at 30,000 feet. The hotel has partnered with national flag carrier Air France to create “Bar Hemingway in the Sky”, which will see Colin Field, head bartender of Hemingway, stepping onboard to mix, shake, and stir among the clouds.

The catch? You will need to be seated in La Première (which is the fancy French way of saying: “First Class, dahling”) or Business Class and make sure you are on the right flight. Colin has done his first signature menu of cocktails at altitude between Paris and New York on November 19. Exact schedule for next year is to be confirmed, but plans are for Colin to be on flight AF278 on March 11 from Paris to Tokyo, with additional destinations in 2014 to include Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Moscow, Singapore, and Seoul.

Aside from cocktails in the air, the Ritz has launched the first phase of its new “digital universe as it calls it, which over time will grow into its future website. There are some flashbacks and photos of the hotel’s long and storied past, but we’re mostly aching for renderings of the future. When those appear, you can bet we will be sharing them with you.

[Photo: Ritz Paris]

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