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For the Full Moon Tonight: Three Hotels with In-Room Telescopes

December 16, 2013 at 3:53 PM | by | Comment (1)

You know you scored a hotel room with a killer view if you walk in to find a telescope at the window.

For many hotel guests, scoring such an amenity is pure luck; however, for travelers who know what they want (and it's an in-room telescope), there are a few properties that make such an offering part of the experience.

Three hotels with in-room telescopes:

Conrad Miami

Book a One Bedroom Suite at the Conrad Miami, and not only will you have a corner location with views down to the Port of Miami and towards Miami Beach, but there'll be a telescope waiting at the window. We recommend turning off all the lights at night and, on a clear evening, pointing that telescope towards the moon. Would make a great after-dinner wine date, right?

Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, NYC

The activity of New York Harbor is fascinating, so naturally if you're going to put a hotel right on the edge of the water with a view to all the action, telescopes are in order. BYO Binoculars, or just book a room at the Ritz-Carlton. Peep at the tourists snapping away on the Staten Island Ferry, watch people walk the decks of departing cruise ships, or just enjoy the best view of the Statue of Liberty.

The Peninsula Hong Kong

As much as this resembles an oil painting, it is actually just an iPhone photo of a real room at The Peninsula Hong Kong, with an Instagram filter applied. Such a dreamy interior exists, in the newly renovated Superior Harbour View Suites, where the hand-made telescopes face the famous Victoria Harbour and allow for up-close inspection of everything from the busy little Star Ferries on the water to the activity on Victoria Peak, across the way.

The telescopes live in harmony with The Peninsula's newer technology, which includes 3D TVs, touchscreen room controls on tablets, and one of the best desktop plug panels we've seen in a hotel room.

[Photos: HotelChatter, HotelChatter, Ritz-Carlton Battery Park and HotelChatter]

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Stargazer Casitas - Gateway Canyons Resort

Talk about killer views! Surrounded by red rock hills and a palisade these casitas also have an in-room telescope located on a second floor private balcony.  There's nothing between you and the sky above.  Experts in Residence can provide insight and educate guests about constellations and history.

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