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9 Rock Star Touches at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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We've already told you about one big rock star touch at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fla.--the free WiFi. But during a recent stay in this sprawling casino hotel just outside of Fort Lauderdale, we discovered a few more rock star amenities that got us amped up.

Of course, these room items shouldn't come as a surprise from a Hard Rock Hotel, where the entire guest experience revolves around music. Yet after a few not-so-good experiences at the Hard Rock in Vegas, the Seminole Hard Rock has restored our faith in the entire rock n' roll hotel concept. And best of all, none of these rock star touches involve loud music or wild parties. Well, not if you don't want them to.

Keep reading to see how the room is a-rocking at the Seminole Hard Rock

1. Embroidered guitars on the pillow cases. We think any embroidery on a hotel pillow is a nice luxe touch but the guitar is a subtle reminder of where you're at. It's also helpful when you wake up the next morning and aren't sure where you are.

2. Guitar Pick soap dishes. Now if only the dish holding the toiletries was shaped like a guitar too.

3. Don't You Forget About Me CD. This CD is not what you think it is but rather, a list of what toiletry items the hotel provides, in case you forgot yours.

4. Admit One ticket. A concert ticket that serves as a toilet paper roll sticker. No, you cannot use this for the nightclub downstairs.

5. Leopard Print Accents. Leopard print is found throughout the room in discreet places-- the hangars, the ironing board, the menus and the coasters.

6. A Shower with 9 Nozzzles. Nine nozzles. Four on each side and one overhead. Nine nozzles. Sounds like a rock band name, actually. But you know what you're going to do in here. #groupielove

7. A Plug Panel. All guests travel with a few gadgets these days, but when you need to have your tunes playing as you pre-game in your room, getting hooked up here is easy.

8. Guitar Pick Rest for the Door Latch. The hotel could have just let this latch rest on the wall or on a boring latch plate, but the guitar pick is cool.

9. Sound of Your Stay. This music amenity program is actually found at all Hard Rock Hotels and it gives every guest access to even more rock star amenities, like picks, the free Fender guitar "room service" that deliver guests a guitar to jam on (there's 20 guitars to choose from.) Not into guitars? You can now have a Traktor S2 DJ controller and laptop delivered up to your room instead (as shown by DJ Ravi Drums) as part of the program's mix offerings. Additionally, as part of the program's tracks offering, each guest is given a special download code on their room key packet that enables them to access a special playlist online.

Fancy yourself a rock star or just want to pretend for the night? The Seminole Hard Rock has rooms next week, midweek, for about $170 a night but the weekend goes way up to about $225 a night.

[All photos: HotelChatter; Photo of DJ Ravi Drums: Hard Rock Hotels]

[Disclosure: We were guests of the hotel during this stay but all views, opinions and giddiness over the rock start touches are our own.]

Archived Comments:

Thumbs up

I love the Seminole Hard Rock!  It's got the rock theme of the Vegas version but is much more laid back.  I wonder if it's the fact that it's in Florida or the lack of an Affliction store.  Looks like the amenities are better- without a resort fee

Amenities are so much better

I totally agree with you. I was really really surprised at what I found here. The Hard Rock Las Vegas was so awful that I've always been skeptical of the brand. I liked the one in San Diego but the Seminole definitely restored my faith. And yes, no resort fee. Amazing!