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Is This Really The World's Sexiest Hotel Room?

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December 3, 2013 at 11:23 PM | by | Comments (2)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (of the boutique hotel guide, not the Brangelina movie) recently celebrated their ten-year anniversary by handing out their Smith Awards at a packed out event on London’s Brick Lane. Among the various categories was “Sexiest Hotel Room”, an award that was taken home by one of the first high-style, design-led hotels of the city: Blakes London, specifically for its Corfu Suite.

Watching the count down from 10 to runner up had us wondering whether we agreed with the result. Was this the sexiest hotel room? What would be our pick, and why? And what would you, dear reader, think?

The criteria employed by Smith, for the record, ranged from ‘a bed you can't leave’, ‘sumptuous décor, and ‘privacy’, to ‘attention to detail’, ‘an element of intrigue’, and ‘the X-factor’. The finalists included the no-brainer of the Standard High Line in New York, but also polar opposite Chewton Glen (where they have those tree houses).

Thinking about our own number 1, we’re having trouble narrowing it down; mostly because there are so many hotels we haven’t stayed at yet. Our pavilion at Amanpuri, with its private, shimmery midnight blue-tiled swimming pool ranks high on our list. Both the rooms and bathrooms at Upper House in Hong Kong are so sleek – and come with killer views – they make us want to move in and never leave again. If your credit card limit stretches to its hefty price tag, the penthouse at the Four Seasons George V in Paris comes with a pretty sexy infinity bathtub.

While we continue to mull this one over, we want to know what you think. What would be your pick for sexiest hotel room? What makes it deserving of that label? Is it on a tropical island with white sandy beaches and not a soul around? The latest designer city hotel? Or are you swayed by whatever room you - ahem - spent some particularly sexy time in? Tell us in the comments!

[Photo: JasonD, Corfu Suite Photos: Blakes Hotel]

Comments (2)

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Omm Hotel, Barcelona

I still maintain that is one of the sexiest rooms I stayed in. The decor is pretty simple but sleek with low beds, hardwood floors and big bathtubs.. It felt a bit like Soho in Barcelona but the glorious blackout shades made it super sexy in the afternoon.


Grand Cotai Suite, Banyan Tree Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, Macau. I never could relate to the over use of curtains and how it could make a room "romantic" per-say. The Bellagio has some pool side suites that should rank up on the charts along with several entries from Telluride, CO and Breckenridge, CO. What was The L.A. Hotel Downtown had some suits were "romantic" if your into the "top of the World" big city thing. Of course I have stayed in a few cabins I am sure many people would consider "romantic."  

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