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CheckMate Wants to Check You In Faster and Better

November 20, 2013 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

The hotel check-in process can vary wildly from hotel to hotel and day to day. But now, CheckMate is hoping to streamline the process every single time.

Here's how it works: guests download the (free) CheckMate app to their phones. They need to set up a CheckMate profile with their name and email and if they want, a profile photo. Next they can sync up their hotel reservations through Gmail or by forwarding to CheckMate@CheckMate.io.

Then when they are ready to head to their hotel, the CheckMate app will communicate with the hotel to see if the room is ready. The app will also allow guests to or hotels to request room preferences from the hotel, receive last-minute upgrade offers, enter in their loyalty numbers and most importantly, receive alerts as to whether or not their room is ready. Most importantly, if all systems are a go, the guest can bypass long check-in lines at the front desk, get their room key and head up to hotel room sweet hotel room.

For hotels, the technology of CheckMate is very much behind-the-scenes. The platform is compatible with all existing hotel property management systems so it can work for many hotels. Thus, the hotels are using CheckMate on their end and the guests are using CheckMate on their phones.

Partners do have to pay a monthly fee to access the service but it doesn't require new hardware and CheckMate promises that the training and on boarding is quick and easy. So far, CheckMate is already being used by a number of hotels including Commune Hotels + Resorts, MetWest Terra Hospitality, and Pacific Hospitality Group.

A little interesting background on CheckMate: It was co-founded by Anthony Maggio, Brian McManus and Drew Patterson, formerly of Jetsetter who is now CEO of Room 77. Room 77 acquired CheckMate upon Patterson's arrival.

So far there are no iTunes reviews on the app store but to be fair, CheckMate did just launch last week. We love the idea of this app, after all who doesn't want an easier check-in process? But we think in the beginning it will be limited to those frequent travelers and road warriors. We'll keep an eye on it.

Have you successfully used CheckMate to check into a hotel? Let us know!

[CheckMate Screengrab: HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

Major Red Flag

You should never give any personally-identifiable information to a website that does not have a posted privacy policy. The CheckMate website does not have a privacy policy. Although their Help page says they store they data securely, they do not disclose if they will give/barter/sell the information you give them about your travel plans to a third party company.

If this website accepts information from California residents, they are actually breaking the law. The CA Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 requires any commercial website to have a posted privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Thanks for your comment & appreciate the feedback. CheckMate has a published privacy policy in our iPhone app and we will be adding it to our website shortly.

We take user privacy very seriously and do not give/barter/sell travel plans or user email addresses to any third parties. Information provided through CheckMate is only used for the purposes of facilitating a user's arrival experience and communicating updates back to a user about their room status.

Still Breaking the Law

Nice response...but, it doesn't change the fact that you're still breaking the law in California.