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This Is Kind Of Your Worst Nightmare: A Rat in Your Hotel Room

October 28, 2013 at 5:41 PM | by | Comments (0)

Earlier this month, we wrote about 13 Things You Wish Didn't Happen in Hotel Rooms and now just in time for Halloween, here comes another hotel gross-out: a rat found its way into a guest room and chewed a hole in a take-out box.

A terrified NYC hotel guest sent us this picture, saying:

Here is take out container from Cookshop the night before. Found it in the morning with a little hole in the container with shredded bits. Sadly no picture of the mouse. Saw this, packed up and left right away. Hoping that no rat poop in my open luggage set beside the table. Will have to check later.

The guest alternated between telling us it was a rat and a mouse. But given that NYC has a rat problem, we're gonna go with that.

We're working on confirming the authenticity of this story, just in case this isn't some creepy Halloween prank but until then, stay safe in your hotel rooms. Perhaps, don't leave any food out overnight.

[Photo: HC tipster]

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