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Whoops. Riviera South Beach Used Fake Banksy Tiles

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October 25, 2013 at 1:15 PM | by | ()

The Riviera South Beach was pretty proud of themselves for having scored some precious Banksy grafitti art tiles that are used in some of the public spaces, including lavatories, of their newest hotel addition. But The Miami New Times has discovered that these Banksy tiles are actually fake.

Apparently, the tiles were acquired from a Spanish company, Peronda, who has told the Miami New Times that the tiles are "Banksy-inspired" but are not actually his work. That's why the tiles are called, "Bansky." However, the Riviera South Beach's owners, the father-son team, Nathan and Alan Lieberman, believed that the tiles were really done by Banksy. In an email to the New Times' Ciara LaVelle, Alan Liberman wrotethe following:

Banksy was commissioned to do a series of different large tiles. There are a dozen different graffiti drawings of his most familiar and popular work. I was aware of his art being made available and contacted his agent and then placed the tiles throughout the new Riviera South Beach Hotel building's common areas.

Yet Banksy's own publicist has weighed in on the matter calling the tiles "fake." Whoops.

We're awaiting a reply from the hotel's PR rep but in the meantime, just know that you aren't in the presence of Banksy when going to the loo at the Riviera.

[Photo: Riviera South Beach]

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