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Once Again, Gansevoort's Plans to Head West Are Squashed

October 21, 2013 at 8:48 AM | by | ()

Over the weekend, major, major, MAJOR hotel news happened--The Gansevoort Las Vegas, which was to be built from the remains of the Strip's Bill's Gambling Hall, was officially dropped by Caesars Entertainment. As VegasChatter reports, the why of it all is pretty messy. (When is it ever clean?)

Essentially, Caesars is eager to bring a new casino to Massachusetts but in doing their background checks, Massachusetts was not impressed with Caesars' Gansevoort project, namely because of an investor with alleged ties to the Russian mob. So Caesars, in an effort to appease Massachusetts, dropped the Gansevoort partnership. Buh-bye. Wipes hands.

So now, what will happen to the boutique hotel, which is currently under construction? Word is that it will move ahead with a new name (The "Real" Caesars Palace perhaps?) but the 188 sexy hotel rooms along with a rooftop nightclub and pool area created by Vegas club king, Victor Drai, and a restaurant from Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis will remain.

This marks the second time that Gansevoort's expansion plans were derailed. Way back when, Gansevoort hoped to open Gansevoort West is downtown Los Angeles at 9th and Grand. But that Gansevoort never came to be (and neither did the subsequent King & Grove Hotel that was also rumored to go in there.) So we wouldn't be surprised if Gansevoort just gives up on the West entirely now.

This also has us wondering about the future of the supposed Delano Hotel coming to MGM Resorts' Mandalay Bay. While there was talk of opening the Delano before 2013 was out, the project is now scheduled for sometime next year. But given all the drama between the board members of Morgans Hotel Group, the Delano brand's parent company, we wouldn't be surprised if this boutique hotel flamed out as well. But do we trust these corporate Vegas casinos to do the boutique experience on their own? Eeeee...not quite. To be continued, we guess.

[Rendering, RIP: Gansevoort Hotels]

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