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6 Outrageously Priced Room Service Items

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We all know that ordering gourmet fare directly to your hotel room door comes with a cost. One that some of us will gladly pay for, especially if it truly is on par with fine dining and we get to enjoy a small feast in our pajamas. Plus, there is something fun and a little reckless about not caring one iota how much the apple pie à la mode will wind up costing when you go to check out. It’s either a vacation or going on the company card anyway, right?

In most cases this might be true, but allow us to suggest paying a bit more attention the next time you peruse the all-day dining pages. Because while the average luxury traveler has no qualms about spending $30 on a cheeseburger (à la carte of course), we have found a few room service items that will have every one of you thinking twice before ordering. Although, if you are in the mood to splurge, some of these might just be worth every penny.

1. Beluga Caviar, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, €800

Most sophisticated luxury hotels will have at least one kind of caviar on the menu either to compliment a dish like the Halekulani’s $150 soft scrambled eggs topped with it, or as a standalone "snack" like Metropolitan Hotel London’s £100 1oz sampling of traditionally served Oscietra. The Four Seasons Hotel George V, however, has some of the most impressive offerings, listing three different types on their menu: Schrenki (€350) and Osetra (€450) from China and Bulgarian Beluga (€800), all of course served with bilinis or toast and condiments.

2. Date Night, The Breakers, $350

The in-room dinner experience that The Breakers in Palm Beach has cooked up actually does sound like the perfect little date night: a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, the chef’s raw bar selection, filet mignon and lobster for two, truffled macaroni and cheese and chocolate-covered strawberries to finish. With the holidays coming, this actually makes a great gift for your SO. It could be a memorable setting to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or just make for a great weekend getaway from chill when the weather turns this winter.

3. High Roller Bento Box, Nobu, $288

You knew something in Vegas would make the list, didn't you? In a city where lavish is practically hum-drum, it is no surprise that the ultimate bento box would be on the menu at the still brand-new Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace. There are several boxes available actually, including katsu-style and vegetarian versions, but this post is about the expensive stuff, and the High Roller Bento Box fits that bill. Complete with lobster wasabi, Wagyu steak, spicy garlic shrimp, spinach dry miso with crab, premium rolls and nigiri, the box is more than likely ordered by exactly who it is named for.

4. Breakfast in Bed, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, $500

It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a bit of a debate over which was better: a luxurious breakfast in bed or an elaborate dinner in-room. Either way the Trump Hotel Chicago pretty much nails the first meal of the day. Order up the Breakfast in Bed, and come morning, you’ll have a server arriving with fruit, breakfast pastries, coffee and as many mimosas as you can drink, along with a chef to prepare pancakes, sausages, bacon and eggs to order right in your room's kitchen. Trump touts the service as being "awoken by the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and pancakes on the griddle," which seems on par with waking up on a Saturday morning as a kid. It is positively doubtful that I am the only one who would fork out the dough to relive one of those mornings as an adult.

5. In-Room Raw Bar, The Little Nell, Approx. $240

If you find yourself in Aspen this winter staying at The Little Nell, you might order the Petit Plateau and pair it alongside some Royal Osetra Caviar for a decadent array of seafood brought straight up to your suite. While seasonally the specifics and price might fluctuate, the spread generally includes 12 oysters, six clams, six shrimp, and a half pound of crab. Top the feast off with an ounce of Royal Osetra Caviar served with the blinis and chive crème fraiche accompaniments. Or, if you happen to be leaving the Aspen area on your private plane, The Little Nell will happily pack practically whatever you like for the ride; they call it Air Fare and rumor has it they’ll even prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal to go. No word on the price tag on that one, but I think we can all agree that it is probably one of the more expensive options on the menu.

6. Lorenz Adlon Gourmet Breakfast, Hotel Adlon Kempinski, €680

Over-the-top breakfast, as it turns out, is more popular than you might think and one of the most elaborate spreads we could find is on offer in Berlin. As any meal in this price range should, the Hotel Adlon Kempinski’s breakfast starts off with a bottle of Dom Pérignon, continuing with a feast of Balik salmon caviar, black truffle omelets, Angus steak and lighter plates full of berries, fruits, cheeses, cold meats, pastries, Graved salmon, smoked trout and mackerel served with a dill-mustard sauce and creamed horseradish. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk and both fruit and vegetable juices top off the ornate meal. If you manage to actually eat all of that, the more modestly priced (€32) Spa Breakfast might be a good idea for the following morning.

[Photos top to bottom: Halekulani; Shutterstock; Shutterstock; Nobu Hotel; Shutterstock; The Little Nell and Hotel Adlon Kempinski]

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