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Hotel Ritz and Crillon Paris Are Deep Into Their Beauty Sleeps

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  Site Where: Place Vendome, Paris, France
October 14, 2013 at 8:58 AM | by | ()

While the Peninsula Paris might be slowly revealing its Beaux Arts façade on Avenue Kléber, a hop and a skip down the Champs Élysées, two other Parisian luxury hotels are still very much off in the land of dreams.

Hotel Ritz, on terribly chic Place Vendôme, is coming up to the midway point of its two-year plus closure, or as the French put it so much more eloquently, “vers une nouvelle legende”. If possible, the building is even more obscured from prying eyes than it was last time we walked by, earlier this year.

Nothing will be left untouched during the restoration project, from rooms and suites to restaurants and famous Hemingway bar. While we can’t tell you much, we do know that aside from the video and photo updates on its website, the hotel has a thing or two up its sleeve over the next year to whet our appetite for la reouverture and keep its most loyal clientele, well, loyal.

Walking down frightfully expensive rue St. Honoré, past the Mandarin Oriental, is the Hotel de Crillon, with the heavily fortified US embassy next door. If the Ritz adopted ‘legend’ as its label, the Crillon went with mythical and magic, as the signs proudly show.

The wait here will last at least until 2015, when by all accounts it should become a Rosewood Hotel. While the group behind New York’s The Carlyle is moving to eponymous branding (case in point, London), we can’t fathom that they would want to – or be allowed to – get rid of the Crillon name.

Time will tell, but whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted on the latest in the city of light.

[Photos: JasonD for HotelChatter]

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