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A Day In Hollywood, A Night In The Moment Hotel

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  Site Where: 7370 Sunset Boulevard [map], Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States
October 3, 2013 at 5:49 PM | by | ()

Itís just over two months ago now that The Moment Hotel arrived on Sunset Boulevard, transforming a former 1950s motel and creating 39 modern rooms with pops of green, orange, and purple, open plan bathrooms, and a common rooftop deck.

So how should you spend a day in Hollywood when spending the night at The Moment Hotel? Hereís a few thoughts, from morning eggs and coffee to late night options, as we heard them straight from The Momentís mouth:

- Breakfast at Aroma on Sunset: the Momentís restaurant will be opening soon and offer breakfast just off of the main reception, but until then youíre directed to Aroma, a block away on Sunset. The tasty omelettes are sure to give you enough fuel to start the day.

- Soak up the LA views at the Griffith Observatory: a 15-minute drive away, the Griffith Observatory is the perfect place to explore and enjoy postcard views of the urban sprawl of Tinseltown at the same time.

- Stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, get that tattoo or that snow cone: a stay in Hollywood isnít complete without browsing eclectic Hollywood Boulevard and its Walk of Fame. Whether it is a tattoo you've always wanted or a refreshing snow cone that is on your mind, The Moment can help you out too.

- Pretend to be a rock star at the Guitar Center: right across the street is the Los Angeles Guitar Center, a must visit for any music fan.

- Dive into the nightlife: grab a drink and a bite to eat at the Belmont, continue on to Saddle Ranch or hit up Draiís nightclub depending on where your mood takes you.

- Nightcap on The Moment rooftop: after a final stop on the 2,000 sq ft rooftop, retire to your room, hang that Do Not Disturb sign, draw the blackout curtains and crash.

A ďParty All Night, Sleep All DayĒ package at The Moment lets you take advantage of those blackout curtains until 1pm, adds complimentary parking and a $10 minibar credit, with rates starting at $259 a night.

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