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Ho Hum, Holiday Inn's Gonna Come. But Ooh, Then a Philly W?

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January 14, 2013 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

We were on Columbus Boulevard in Philly last weekend when we came across the scene in the photo above. Formerly a Comfort Inn, we saw boards on the doors and a small note that said “closed for renovations.” As you can see, they put up a fat teaser for all to see, but no other details about what the property would become were available on-site.

Well, we did some digging, and guess what? It’s going to be a Holiday Inn and will open in March. Cue the sound effects and let the wind out of our sails, because we’re officially disappointed. A hip, vacation-oriented property in that location would have gone a long way to help an area that is currently undergoing a face-lift.

A public space was recently added under the Ben Franklin Bridge, as well as a new bar added to the nearby marina. With Festival Pier and Penn’s Landing within walking distance, the next logical step would have been the addition of a hotel that would attract leisure travelers.

Oh well.

Speaking of hip hotels, we also picked up another tip about the possibility of a W coming to Center City. It was only rumors we were hearing on the streets, so we asked Starwood about their plans. They were tight lipped and vague as per usual, but they sent us a statement that speaks beyond its own words:

"We continue to believe Philadelphia would be a great market for our leading global brands and are committed to actively working with Chestlen Development to bring this much-needed new build hotel project to the city. We look forward to sharing news on this in the future."

Sounds like we might some day see a W in the City of Brotherly Love. We'll be sure to keep you updated when and if we hear anything.

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Archived Comments:

Hopefully it will be an improvement.

  It was a scary place to stay when it was the Comfort Inn.  I had several friends who stayed there, they all said "Never again"

Unfavored Chain

NCLeo: There is nothing wrong with Holiday Inn.  In fact, I'd argue that Holiday Inn is the quintessential "vacation-oriented" chain.

But, on this site, a hotel needs to be "hip" to get favorable press.  (That's a "hip" brand or a "hip" location, as determined solely by Hotel/Vegas Chatter bloggers.)  You also seem to need have free wi-fi.

There's nothing wrong with having that point-of-view.  But, I find the tone of the site to be very limiting.

Re: Unfavored Chain

I agree, there is nothing "wrong" with a Holiday Inn - it certainly serves its purpose. But come on, you're acting like it's something to get excited about. There's no buzz surrounding the Holiday Inn chain in general, and there certainly won't be any for this one in Philly. I think the big difference between the Holiday Inn and other chain hotels, such as Kimptons, for example, is the individual personality that each offers. Same chain, different feel and flair at Kimpton properties, whereas I could spin you around in most Holiday Inns and you wouldn't know if you were in California or Carolina.

And yes, I think a hotel does have to have some personality to warrant an applause. Oh gee, let's all stand up and cheer for the new Holiday Inn in town. Should we cover all the motels on the Jersey side of the river? Or the hotels in Camden? A line has to be drawn somewhere, don't you think?

As for the free wifi, you should check out my article a while back on why technology sucks. I'm with ya my friend, it's gotten out of control.


No, a Holiday Inn like this probably does not warrant applause.  But, does it deserve to singled out and bashed simply because it doesn't fit into your pre-conceived notions of the area?

You took the time to write three decidedly negative paragraphs about a hotel that hasn't even opened.  You've effectively written a negative review without even having the decency of waiting to see if this Holiday Inn any of the qualities you desire.