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Hotel Theft: Has It Happened To You?

January 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

While on vacation over the holidays, we were relieved of our cell phone. And not because we wanted to tune out like the Four Seasons Costa Rica urges guests to do.

Instead, we made the classic mistake of putting our iPhone down on a bar top for a minute while chatting with a friend. We were at a private function at Moon Palace Resort, which isn't some bootleg resort, btw. IOW, we probably were too comfortable in our surroundings.

We hesitated to name the region because it already gets an unfair bad rap in our opinion. Plus, our complaint isn't with the thief--after all, putting your phone down for a second is apparently naive, especially in areas where an iPhone must be a commodity. We're so spoiled in the U.S., you wouldn't think they were of that "high value". Nonetheless, whomever took it, shut if off immediately (we discovered it was missing in minutes), so they knew what they were doing. The phone was instantly untraceable.

We'd rather address the problem of the lax resort staff and security. They didn't seem to give a rat's ass about our issue.

Not only did the restaurant's manager seem disinterested in our plight, we had to ask a few times to get security involved.

In the end, we had to follow up ourselves with them (they didn't bother calling us), but of course there was nothing to report.

One subject we at HC have been banging on for a while now has been the value of SERVICE. Frankly after an hour, expectations of seeing the phone again were nil. But it does make the guest feel just a teensy bit better when hotel staff at least pretend like they want to assist you.

And so we put it out to you--have you ever had anything lost or stolen from a hotel stay? How was the situation handled and what were the results?

As for us, we received a replacement from our company at the same rate we paid for the thing (!), but now thumb our nose at anyone who laughs at us for still keeping our handy dandy paper calendar--a trusted source since the beginning of time.


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Similar experience with HGVC in Orlando

Mine was less about negligence than it was a highly organized group of thieves that were using forged room keys.  You can read the gory details at <a href="http://goo.gl/c4LN2.">http://goo.gl/c4LN2.</a>