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Anthony Bourdain Does Deluxe For "The Layover" Dublin Hotel

Where: Dublin, Ireland
January 8, 2013 at 11:52 AM | by | ()

Anthony Bourdain is back for another season of “The Layover”, and we like it because he names the hotels in the cities where he'll be spending his precious time. We figure, he won't be laying his salt-and-pepper head just anywhere, after all, he's big time now. So, for entertainment and a dose of travel value, we’ll give you some details on the properties he picks, just in case you find yourself looking for a place to stay in a city that’s sanctioned by this travel personality/chef.

Layover Hotel Episode 5: Honorable Mention 1: The Davenport Hotel This traditional hotel right near Merrion Square is what Bourdain says, is in "a good location and great for the less than 150 euro ($196) a night rates." We agree.
Honorable Mention 2: Kinlay House Cheaper still is this budget spot in the Temple Bar section. The comment? “It's a hostel. But, who doesn't love sharing a room with strangers?” The upside? "It’s within walking distance of many of the typically touristy spots in town and lots of bars." And at 12 euro ($16) a night starting rates that includes free light brekkie, we can't be mad in a city where many people crash and burn in their beds after heavy nights out.

But where does Tony choose to slumber? Take a guess. We've been here before.

Layover Hotel Choice:The Four Seasons Hotel Dublin: Surprised? You shouldn't be. We've figured out the FS is his go-to-spot (or a sponsor?). After all, as our guy says,

"If you’re me and on his eighth year of making television, you’ll probably want to live large. Blow it out. Stay at some place swank. Like the Four Seasons in Ballsbridge. Yeah, baby!”

He also bigs up the hotel bars selection of whiskey's, grateful that after drinking there, "it's only a short crawl back to my room." We know the hotel has a top-tier rep, but given the exploratory nature of this episode, giving a more hip hotel might have upped his Irish-cred another notch.

Bourdain spends a boatload of time downing copious pints of Guinness (and learning to pour the right way), chowing at a greasy chippy, snacking on sausage rolls, and generally admitting and appearing to being drunk on choice whiskey. So, he redeemed himself for not being a total princess in one of the most working-class cities in Europe by being a man about town. Guess we'll forgive his recovering from 36-hours of serious indulgence by crashing on high-thread count sheets.

[Photos: TravelChannel.com/Four Seasons Hotel]

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