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Sydney Gets Trendier With New Unlisted Collection Hotel

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  Site Where: 10 Kensington Street, Ultimo, NSW, Australia, 2007
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Here's Sydney's hottest new hotel...in a few years

Sydney is sure on the radar for hot new hotels and it continues with the recent announcement of a new Unlisted Collection property planning to bring the unique design of lawyer-turned hotelier, Loh Lik Peng.

Located in the inner-suburb of Ultimo, down a laneway that evokes inner-city grittiness and history all at the same time. The new hotel will be housed in the former administration building for Carlton and United Brewery and will undoubtedly be the destination for memorable hotel experiences.

Mr. Loh promises that the 60-room hotel will be a bit more grown-up and on the same lines as his own, Waterhouse at South Bund in Shanghai and Town Hall Hotel & Apartments in London. This can only mean that the floating beds might not be a feature as they are in the New Majestic Hotel.

While the area is known to be a backpackers paradise, we can't be too sure how a boutique hotel will fly. With plenty of hostels and inexpensive hotels within blocks of the property, the success of this place can go either way; an absolute hit or an absolute bomb. After saying, "profits are not the chief motive in developing hotels", Mr. Loh should be happy with any outcome.

Watch this space as new details come to fruition and the building begins to take shape.

[Photo: Newtown grafitti/Flickr]

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The Boutique Hotel Experience

Nowadays, boutique hotels are gaining attention as more and more people are getting more travel-savvy aiming to get the best experience possible. In the subject of experience which is before dominated only by the luxury hotels, boutique hotels presents a new and fresh accommodation experience. But what distinguishes a boutique hotel from a luxury hotel? Boutique Hotels are all about: "A Different Kind of Experience". Boutique hotels give an overall feel when you first walk in. Like Unlisted Collection `s Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore. It is a revamped historic hotel shop-house facade blends perfectly with the neighborhood, but inside, the juxtaposition of antique and modern, interior and exterior, provides a theatrical environment where guests can indulge their imaginations. Get to know more about these kinds of boutique hotels at http://www.unlistedcollection.com/brand-showcase/

This is actually a really old article

This is actually a really old article, I wonder how the new hotel looks like now! But I'd agree with the above poster - boutique hotels in Sydney simply have been getting a lot of attention recently. People just want something that's different from the typical hotel experience.