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Is Hotel Food Photography Being Banned?

January 31, 2013 at 8:10 PM | by | ()

We've been hearing from a lot of peers lately that restaurants have been asking them to cease and desist taking photos of their meals. To be honest, we only thought it was only food and travel writers that indulged in such table behavior. But apparently there's something out there called Foodagrams and the almighty food porn (and of course Pinterest) that has everyone and their momma involved in the phenomenon of snapping pics of your plate. It's more common than not.

We've had writers tell us management has come up to them and told them their photo-taking was not only distracting to the chef, but also other diners if a flash was used. Hmm. Using a flash for our food photos, has never produced great results, so that's suspect, but oookay.

So, what say you? Ever been asked to stop taking photos when in a hotel restaurant? If so, what was your response? We've read folks saying the usual "kiss my behind, I paid for my plate I'll do what I want," to "People need to put the cameras down and start enjoying the dining experience."

Some of us at HC can understand both sides. But how will be able to capture photos like these?

[Chanize Thorpe for HotelChatter]

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