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The Seriously Last-Minute Super Bowl XLVII Hotel Guide

January 31, 2013 at 3:32 PM | by | ()

Even non-football fans have figured out SUPER BOWL XLVII is happening in New Orleans this weekend.

While the top hotel rooms sold out long, long ago, there's still a few ways to get in on the action in town.

Stalk the Teams at These Hotels: Conde Nast Traveler told us where the AFC and NFC champs are staying. The San Francisco 49ers will be shacking up at the New Orleans Marriott while the Baltimore Ravens are spending the night at the Hilton Riverside. There aren't any rooms available for you, of course, but there's nothing stopping you from hitting up the hotel's restaurants and bars to spy on some past and future gridiron greats.

Tailgate at the Hyatt: And by tailgate, we mean indulge in some specialty cocktails at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans including the Game Face drink available at the hotel's sports bar, Vitascope Hall.

Take a Chance on Craigslist: Now that we're just days away from the Big Game, folks in the Big Easy are getting desperate with their hotel room offerings. There are several available on Craigslist right now. You can peruse the options here.. As always, with Craigslist, USE CAUTION when buying a hotel room. Make them show you a confirmation email before you fork over any money.

Party Hardy at This Hotel: The Bud Light Super Bowl Hotel (aka The Wyndham Riverfront) has also been sold-out for a while but this Craigslist-er is selling tickets to the EA SPORTS Madden Bowl XIX Party featuring Lil Wayne that's happening tonight (Ok, this might be a little bit short notice but if you can't make it to Nola, you can stream the Bud Light Hotel events scheduled for tomorrow and Saturday on MySpace here.

Spend The Night in a Stranger's House: AirBnB.com is also highlighting some of their properties open during Super Bowl weekend. These are way more affordable options but remember, you're spending time in a stranger's house. And they might be there with you. We might suggest using it as a crash pad, only (and as usual, be smart about securing your stuff).

Bid On Players' Art at The Sheraton: On Saturday at 10:30am, the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel will be auction off artwork from active and former players to support the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust and the Terence Blanchard Endowment for Jazz Studies at NOCCA. More info on this cool auction can be found here.

Got any more hot hotel events happening this weekend for Super Bowl XLVII? Send 'em to us and we'll add them in!

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