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What's Happening With SLS Hotels' Loyalty Program?

January 3, 2013 at 3:34 PM | by | ()

With our eyes on the next slew of SLS Hotels to open (New York and Las Vegas) as well as a few other hotels from the sbe group, we thought we'd check in on the status of the sbe PREFERRED loyalty program.

Initially introduced back in October 2011, the program allowed members to earn rewards points at sbe properties, including restaurants and nightclubs such as Katsuya and Hyde. However, they stopped taking new members last July after "reaching capacity." They also did away with the rewards points. Sbe promised to re-evaluate the program to "provide you with the best possible hospitality experience." But it looks like that's still an ongoing process.

We checked in with the folks at sbe and they are indeed still trying to formulate a new program. However, if you're an existing member who managed to open an account before they closed it up, you will be getting all the same perks which is essentially just a 10% discount on food and beverage at participating sbe properties.

We'll do an update as soon as we get the new info on the program but you can watch for any changes (fingers crossed, rewards points make a comeback!) or learn more about the program on the sbe website here.

Are you an sbe PREFERRED member? How's that been working out for you? Let us know in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

It's Ok

I received my card sometimes last year in the spring, and for the limited number of properties that sbe has, especially outside of LA, I think it's pretty ok. I have to admit I don't club much, and have only been to LA a handful of times, and for as much money and "prestige" it takes to get in one of their clubs, you'd think they would allow points plus the 10%, but I digress.

Bring back the points

I signed up last December after a dinner at Katsuya in LA. I think I've only been to an sbe restaurant twice since then and of course, I forgot my card. But bringing back the rewards points would be awesome. 10 percent is just eh.