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Inside the New Stay Well Rooms at MGM Grand Las Vegas

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On Friday we showed off the amenity we wish all showers in Las Vegas had--a vitamin C-infused shower head found in the new Stay Well rooms at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Today, we'll look at other wellness technology in the room that made this one of our most relaxing Las Vegas stays yet.

For starters, the room's wellness layout was designed by Delos, a "wellness real estate" company with Dr. Deepak Chopra at the helm that combines science, design and technology to maximize health and wellbeing in the spaces where we spend so much time--homes and workspaces. And in our case, hotel rooms.

Walking inside, the first thing we noticed was a large white air purifier attached to the wall. This contraption is the most advanced HEPA-standard air purification system out there, reducing allergens, toxins, pathogens and presumably any of that crappy casino air we'd tracked in.

The next thing we saw was a white conical object on the nightstand. What the heck, now?
Well, read on to find out what it was!

This was a dawn simulator alarm clock designed to wake you up with soft soothing tones rather than a jarring BEEP BEEP. Not ready to get up? Just slap the thing with your hand and it'll go into snooze mode. Five more minutes, pleeeasse.

Peeking into the bathroom, we saw a bright white line border around the mirror frame. This is the wellness lighting which provides a shot of melatonin to improve your sleep/wake cycles. Round of shots for everyone!

Other technology that you can't see but should feel the effects of include:
· Water Filtration System which reduces disinfectant byproducts, chlorine (especially useful during Vegas' crazy pool season) and pesticides
· EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Protection from electrical equipment and wireless gadgets.
· Photo-Catalytic Coating that breaks down bacteria, virus and VOCs on bacteria-susceptible surfaces.
· Aromatherapy (this is optional)

Beyond technology, the Stay Well rooms have their own healthy additions to the room service menu. Guests are also offered complimentary access to the Cleveland Clinic for 60 days after their stay, where they can learn stress management techniques, sample a sleep or nutrition program and peruse their healthy food and drink options.

Now the question you are all asking--Does all this wellness technology work? And to that, we say, YES. We headed to Vegas feeling a little run-down. We were actually frightened for this trip. If we were feeling sickly going to Vegas, no doubt we would have left there with a full-blown head cold. But that did not happen. We could actually breathe better on our trip home. Our hair and skin felt silky smooth after the shower, instead of flaky and dry. We got a rather good night's sleep even though we slapped the alarm clock thingie a bunch of times.

But please remember, if you go to Vegas and drink all night, spend hours gambling in a smoky casino and eat crap, you will still get sick. No amount of air purifier or wellness lighting is going to prevent that. But if you're looking for a relaxing way to kick it in Vegas without having to splurge for a suite or an overpriced spa treatment, these Stay Well rooms are the way to go.

There were, however, a few room quirks. We didn't like how the night light in the wall near the bed was so bright (we needed shades? ha!) and we definitely didn't like that it was automatic, meaning it turned on when the room was dark and there was no way to pull it out. We loved the dresser with the TV included one of those technology panels which allow you to plug in and charge all your gadgets, but it was at a weird height. It would work better on the desk. And MGM Grand now charges a $25 resort fee, per day, plus tax. It does include high-speed WiFi strong enough to let you stream episodes of Downton Abbey but just remember to add this fee to your total room cost.

There are only 42 of these rooms in the entire hotel so booking in advance or during off-peak times (during the week, during the winter) is recommended. Rates for the rooms vary on the day/season but expect to pay about $30 more than a regular room.

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Wellness Suite

I wish they had a wellness suite.  I don't care for standard rooms, but it does sound like a nice experience.


Just stayed here last weekend. Have to say, the air quality was noticeably really good. The air purifier on the wall had a bit of an annoying light, but luckily there's an easy way to turn it off. Also, the light in the bathroom mirror totally works! Definitely helped me wake up faster in the morning. Will definitely be staying in one of these rooms again on the next vegas trip.

Don't want to stay well? Stay in the wellness rm

The wellness room is great if you don't have allergies or
Asthma which the rooms are designed for. Not only do they furnish the room with one of the most popular allergenic filling the pillows, they will put class in them then move you into a smoking room if you ask for the pillows the website promises... Hypoallergenic. We felt miserable the entire trip and there only response from their pompous manager Jason was to deal with it and they will do better next time. That is a joke we would need stay in another MGM especially not in the wellness room which made us incredibly Ill. If you don't actually need a wellness room because you don't suffer from any allergies or asthma and enjoy paying hundreds of dollars to be disrespected this is the place for you.